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Organizing the Bathroom

Posted by admin on September 25, 2018
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Organizing the Bathroom


Do you wish your morning routine would run smoother, but feel overwhelmed by the constant clutter piling up in the bathroom? Sometimes it can be difficult to find what you need when you have a huge variety of toiletries to rummage through. When it comes to getting ready, you need to be relaxed and efficient. It will determine the course of the rest of your day. Check out these 8 tips on keeping things organized to have a calming, clutter-free space.



Before starting the organizing process, go through all of the items in your bathroom and toss what you don’t need. There is no point in storing things that won’t be used! Go through cosmetics, hair accessories, toothbrushes, etc. to determine what is overused/out of date and throw it away. This is the perfect start to freshening up your bathroom space.


Keep the Counters Clear.

Use a tray to store products that you use regularly and want out, but take everything else off the counter. Having a clear, blank space will motivate you to keep it clean and present an overall tidier look.


Utilize Cabinet Doors.

There are countless over-the-door organizers sold to help best maximize your space. Take advantage of these or use adhesive strips to attach containers to the doors so you can store hair styling tools out of sight with easy access when needed.


Use Drawer Dividers.

It is easy to toss anything in a drawer and forget about it later on, causing more clutter than necessary. Adding dividers will make it much easier to find what you need and will keep everything together. You can even add fun, printed drawer liners to give it a personal touch of style.


Have an Individual Caddy for Everyone.

If you share a bathroom (with your spouse, siblings, etc.), consider getting a shower caddy (or any small basket) to keep under the cabinet. Have them labeled with names and store personal items for each person.


Add a Laundry Bin.

Find a stylish laundry bin or hamper to keep in the bathroom specifically for dirty or wet towels. This creates easier laundry organization as well because all of your towels are already in one place, separate from other laundry items!


Install Towel Hooks.

Towels are easier to hang and dry quicker from hooks as opposed to generic towel bars. The bars can still be utilized for decorative hand towels, but hooks make it easier to hang more than one or two towels at a time. This is helpful for big families who may have multiple people sharing one bathroom. Each person can have an individual (and maybe even personalized) hook!


Label, Label, Label!

With labels, you can quickly find what you need and quickly put it back where it belongs. It will add some personality and style to your space if you use fun and quirky labels. They can go on containers, toothbrushes, and more. Labels are not just for offices so think outside the box.

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