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Claim a Listing on Zillow

1. Sign Up for a Free Zillow Account

On the Zillow Premier Agent website, click on the “Sign Up“ button in the middle of the screen. A window will pop up that asks for your contact details—specifically, you name, email, phone—and if you are an agent or broker. Fill out these details and click “Get started.” You will then be forwarded automatically to your Zillow Premier Agent dashboard.

Sign Up Screen for ZPA - how to claim a listing on zillow

Sign-up screen for ZPA

2. Create a Zillow Agent Profile

On the dashboard, you will be prompted to fill out your Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA) profile. This is an optional step, but it allows you to be the primary contact agent listed on the property, which ultimately increases your leads. To create your profile, click on the down arrow in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen. Fill out the form that appears with your name, profile photo, background, specialty services, and social media URLs. Click “Submit“ to save your profile.

Zillow - how to claim a listing on zillow

Add profile name & screen name

Add a Photo

Add Photo - how to claim a listing on zillow

Add photo

Every agent knows that their headshot is vital for attracting buyers and creating a professional brand. To add your headshot to your ZPA profile, click on the “Upload Photo” button and find the photo on your computer using the dialog box that appears. Keep in mind that the file must be 180×180 pixels and in JPEG format.

Fill Out Contact Details

Input your name, your professional title—Realtor, agent, or broker—the name of your brokerage, address, time zone, and phone number. These are the foundational details that allow a buyer to connect with you and find out more information about you as an agent.

Fill Out Contact Details - how to claim a listing on zillow

Fill out contact details.

Input Your Agent Background

The next step is adding your agent background to your profile. Input details like where and when you received your agent license, your license number, and any relevant professional licenses/certifications. Add specialty service areas (farm areas), languages, and years as an agent.

Input Agent Data - how to claim a listing on zillow

Check Specialty Niche Services

Special niche services—such as foreclosures, short sales, property management, vacation homes, or appraisals—allow you to highlight the services you want to promote to potential buyers. Click on four of the top specialties that you want to spotlight in your profile by checking the boxes next to them on your profile page.

Add Specialities - how to claim a listing on zillow

Add specialties

Add Social Media Links

To help people learn more about and connect with you, add videos, website/blog links, and social media accounts—like your real estate Facebook page—to your profile and click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom when you are finished.

Add Social Links - how to claim a listing on zillow

Add social links

Add Past Sales (Optional)

Buyers like to see that an agent has a record of closing deals successfully, so adding past sales can entice buyers to contact you. To add a sales history, click on the down arrow in the blue menu in the header and select the “Past sales” option. A screen will appear with a field to enter the address of a recent sale. Fill in the field, and then click “Add sale.”

If you have several past sales, then you can upload a spreadsheet with the complete addresses of past sales. To do so, click on the “sending us a spreadsheet” link above the input box; this will give you upload instruction and guidelines.

Add Recent Sales - how to claim a listing on zillow

Add recent sales

3. Claim Your Listings

Claiming your listings on Zillow means ensuring your agent information appears on listings you represent; this increases the likelihood of securing a lead. To claim your listing, navigate to the listing on and click the three dots at the top right of the screen. Select “Claim Your Listing” from the drop-down menu and fill out the claim form.

Zillow - how to claim a listing on zillow

Claim your listing to add profile & contact details

Find Your Listing & Access the Claim Form

The listings on Zillow are automatically propagated from the MLS. Search for the address of your listing by going to the homepage and inputting the address of your listing. Once you find the listing, click on it to open the listing page. Then, look in the upper right side for a link with three dots and the word “More.” Click that link and select “Claim this listing” from the drop-down box. You will be forwarded to a form to claim the listing.

Zillow - how to claim a listing on zillow

Click more tab & select claim this listing

Complete Claim Form

Once you select “Claim this listing,” you will see a form that asks for your name and phone number. You will be asked to verify that this is your listing. Confirm this by inputting the requested details and then select “Continue.” Your contact details and agent profile will be added to that listing automatically.

Zillow - how to claim a listing on zillow
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