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History Behind the Name: Gregg’s Mill

Posted by admin on April 15, 2019
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A beautiful quality neighborhood convenient to Aiken, Lexington and Augusta, Gregg’s Mill has become a desired spot for CSRA residents. With a wide selection of ranch floor plans and two-story homes, this neighborhood is a great place to live and find the perfect home for you and your family. Did you know that there is also a history behind the name? Let’s take a quick dive into who Gregg is:

Gregg’s Mill was named after the famous William Gregg, founder of The Graniteville Manufacturing Company (more commonly known as Graniteville Mill) which was originally chartered in 1845. Gregg has been called the Father of the Southern Textile Industry due to his visionary ideas and advocating for the production of textiles in southern mills.

The construction of The Graniteville Mill turned a sparse area of Aiken County into one of the South’s largest antebellum cotton mills. Graniteville is an isolated but smart location with its convenience to Aiken and Augusta, making it a perfect spot to build the mill. The overall success of the city of Graniteville is mostly credited to William Gregg and his vision in this project. He was the forerunner of a new era in the mid-1800s. Gregg was determined to convince the South that they could create their own textiles instead of shipping raw cotton up North and paying for overpriced finished goods from them. He believed that making this move would keep local capital within the state and provide more jobs.

Construction at the mill utilized granite and pine, which were locally available materials. A canal was dug in Horse Creek in Aiken County to provide water power for the mill. By 1847, construction on the mill was completed after a few bumps in the road, including a partial fire during construction.

Because William Gregg brought this innovative industry to the South, his success allowed for a free school to be built by his company. He insisted that his workers be able to send their children to school for free and considered himself to be a “moral guide” for the community.

Gregg’s legacy lives on in Graniteville and he revolutionized industry for the South. Grab a piece of history today by living in this area and choose a Bill Beazley Home in Gregg’s Mill!

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