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More Buyers Seeking Green Real Estate in Augusta

Posted by admin on September 27, 2013
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Today’s homebuyer is not just more discerning — but smarter as well. Green real estate in Augusta has become an extremely popular trend in Georgia home buying. Why are more and  more home shoppers looking to go green? It’s not quite the hippie motto of “saving the planet” that drives most of them to buy green homes — but, rather, the irrefutable 30% cost savings on utility and water bills, the year-round comfort and the higher indoor air quality that compels our clients. We also remind them that the resale value of green homes is much better as well.

green homes in augusta

Consumer Demand Drives Sales of Green Real Estate in Augusta

New home builders in Augusta GA understand that consumers demand features such as:

–  High performance windows with low-E glass and insulating layers of inert gas

– Engineered wood beams, joists, trusses and floors

– Energy Star rated HVAC systems

– Dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets

– High performance insulation and sealants

– Tightly-sealed ducts and construction

– Energy Star kitchen appliances, lighting and water heaters

green real estate in augusta

How Much Can Buyers of Green Real Estate in Augusta Save?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that owners of Energy Star certified new homes saved $270 million in energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 370,000 vehicles’ worth. On an individual level, the EPA says that homeowners in hot, humid climates like Georgia can expect to save $700/year in utility costs! (In a previous post, we explained exactly how a new home saves your dollars and cents, so be sure to check it out.)

Enjoy a More Comfortable Home in Augusta, GA

Homes built as little as 5-10 years ago don’t hold a candle to the new homes built today. A home built in 2013 is 30% more efficient than a home built in 2008. These energy-saving dwellings have more efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide your family with more powerful air filtration and moisture control. The improved windows and seals prevent homes from ever feeling “drafty.”

Contact Prudential Beazley Real Estate To Learn More

We’re pleased to represent top-quality green builders in Augusta, such as: Bill Beazley Homes, Downeast Home Builders, Keystone Homes and Pierwood Construction.

green real estate in augusta


Hayne’s Station is one of our favorite neighborhoods for green homes in Augusta. This community just debuted last year, but the eco-friendly estates have been selling like hotcakes! Homes start in the $150s and there are generous builder incentives going on right now that can save you up to $7,000.

We’d love to take you on a tour or discuss other communities that may suit your needs. Call 706-863-1775 or 1-800-558-1775 to set up a meeting or ask us any questions you may have about Augusta green real estate.

Note: Neighborhood Amenities, Features, and Incentives vary by neighborhood and floor plan. All information herein deemed reliable, but may change without notice.
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