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Handicap Accessible Homes for Sale in Georgia

Posted by admin on October 17, 2013
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Various sized families of all sorts move to Augusta, Georgia. They come from different areas and cultural backgrounds, and come with distinct wants and needs. However there is a common theme among these families, a desire that remains consistent across the board. Convenience.

Accessibility and comfort are important factors for every family. Whether you’re a family of six and still growing, or retired with an empty nest, you want a livable home that resonates ease. For the handicapped and elderly, this peace of mind becomes especially important. It can also come with a crazy expensive price tag. More often, handicap accessible homes specific to your needs can be difficult to find.

But with their simple solutions and numerous custom options, Prudential Beazley Real Estate can make finding that perfect, obstacle-free house affordable and easy. Three times easy!

Easy access. Easy passage. Easy use.

Handicap Accessible Homes Georgia

You would be surprised at the difference a few simple features can make for you and your loved ones. A step-free entrance into the main living space of a home prevents a safety hazard when carrying in large bundles such as grocery bags or precious bundles such as babies. It provides easy transport of luggage, strollers, and furniture and makes an easy entry for the injured or handicapped. Extra wide doors make transition between rooms easy and a lack of narrow hallways takes the hassle out of maneuvering around. By placing every essential living area on the same floor, you can regain independence without neglecting certain areas of your house. And don’t neglect those trick-or-treaters another year either! Our features make it possible to pass out candy with ease instead of leaving the bowl on the porch.

Handicap Accessible Floor Plans

Handicap Accessible Home Floor Plan in GeorgiaHandicap Accessible Home Floorplan

Easy access features are customary in homes such as our Glenbrook III, Baldwin II, and Milstead designs. These 1500 sq feet, 3 bedroom homes are all single story with floor plans that provide both convenience and mobility. Right now these beautiful homes are available in the neighborhoods of Gregg’s Mill, Hayne’s Station, Willow Oak Village, Summerlin, and Southampton.

Baldwin III Floorplan

Handicap Accessible Home

If one of these homes is not for you, however, our builders can modify any house on any lot to meet these standards. Our solutions are compatible practically everywhere, at every price level.

Remember! Peace of mind comes not just from the conveniences we can provide you with now, but how we can prepare your home for the future. You may be in tiptop shape now, but a day could come when you or a loved one faces serious health problems making mobility limited or difficult. If you are healthy now, consider investing in simple improvements that would be expensive to add later down the road.

Master of the domain. Queen of the castle. Lady of the land. Man of the house. We all want to enjoy the independence that comes with owning our own home. Regain that sensation by owning a home that is livable, and get back to living able.

Contact the experts at Beazley, Realtors today to find handicap accessible homes that fit your needs, 706-863-1175.

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