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5 Affordable Tips to Add Curb Appeal to Your Driveway

Posted by admin on September 26, 2014
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It’s not often thought of as a feature that could make or break your curb appeal, but believe it or not the driveway is much more than place to park your vehicles. In fact, with the right maintenance, the driveway has the potential to be the most defining feature in your front yard. It is important to select a material for the driveway that compliments the architecture of your home and garden. But you don’t have to re-pave your driveway in order to achieve a polished look. Read ahead to discover the personal touches you can add to create an even more impressive facade.

Below we’ve listed five affordable ways to add curb appeal to your driveway while taking into consideration, drainage, shading, and landscaping.

1. Prevent Stormwater Runoff

Help offset stormwater runoff by planting filter strips along the edges of your driveway. Filter strips are sections of grass or plants that trap stormwater pollutants and keep them from flowing into the sewer system. Choose the plant material that is best suited to your landscaping. But keep in mind; native plants often require less maintenance.

2. Build a Retaining Wall

5 Affordable Tips to Add a Curb Appeal to Your Driveway

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Prevent soil erosion and runoff by building a retaining wall. For this you can use boulders, concrete blocks, or soil. Mound the material together and place along the edges a driveway. Once your elevated bed is in place, plant all-season ornamental grasses or add colorful trailing vines to add vertical dimension.

3. Create Dimension with Hardscaping

Hardscaping, such as brick, stone, or gravel, is an attractive feature and offers many appealing options. With hardscaping you can tie in the features of the driveway with your home’s architecture. Driveways lined with brick compliment brick homes and a thin edging of pebbles or marble chips can soften the transition from concrete to garden.

4. Plant a Colorful Border

5 Affordable Tips to Add a Curb Appeal to Your Driveway

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Achieve visual appeal by bordering the driveway with annuals and perennials. While perennials stay in bloom for only a few weeks at a time, annuals will stay in bloom for months with the proper care. The combination of the two will keep your driveway constantly colorful and allow you to mix up the arrangement a few times a year. For a vibrant backdrop, snapdragons and wax begonias pair well together. For something simpler try pastel pentas with ferns.

5. Line Your Driveway with Greenery

For a big wow factor, planting shrubs or cone shaped trees on either side of the driveway is the way to go. These larger plants will help define the driveway entrance. They are also inviting and offer a regal appearance to visiting guests. Trees and shrubs have the added benefit of trapping runoff as well.

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