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5 Ideas for Your Spare Room

Posted by admin on July 5, 2017
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Have you got a spare bedroom in your home that you feel is just going to waste? Then why not transform it into a place your family can use? Here are a few ideas that you can implement to put that spare room to good use.


Family Game Room

Does your family like getting together with friends to play games? Having a game room is a great place to retreat and have fun. You can set up folding tables and chairs for board games or poker night. You can also get a foosball or pool table and set it up at the center of the room.

Add a flat screen tv for video games and a stereo system for music while you play. Hang colorful framed artwork that the kids made on the wall and throw rugs and pillows all around the floor. Make it inviting and fun. It doesn’t have to be formal – after all it’s a place to play.


Home Office

Need a place that is quiet to work during the day or evening? Want a place to keep the computer equipment corralled, do the monthly bills, or a quiet place to do homework or study? Make a home office. Paint the room a neutral and soothing color. Make sure it has good natural and other lighting. Add a table or desk for the computer, and some comfortable seating and you have the making of a great office area.


Craft Room

Need a place to store and make your crafts? Use your spare room as a craft room. Whether you sew, paint, scrapbook, or do lots of craft projects, you can utilize your spare space to organize your creations.

Paint the room a neutral color and then make everything pop with colorful rugs and curtains. Set up tables to work on and add the proper shelving to organize all of your craft materials. Be creative in your decorating, after all this is a creative space.



Need a nice, quiet space to cuddle up and read? Make yourself an in-home library. Line a wall with book shelves and fill it up with books. Set up a coffee bar in the corner and add some comfy old chairs to create just the right atmosphere.


Man Cave

Do the guys need a space they can call their own? Turn that spare room into a Man Cave. Put in some comfy recliners. Add a big flat screen tv, a table and chairs for games, a small fridge for drinks and you have the makings of a cool cave. Decorate with old team jerseys, posters, and sports paraphernalia.

Don’t let that space go to waste. Transform your spare room into a room you and your family will love.

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