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Aiken County Elected Officials and Where to Find Them

Posted by admin on July 16, 2020
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Local governments provide an array of beneficial and essential services to their citizens. Between current events and the election year we are in, it’s important to know who your local elected officials are and how to reach them. Here is a list of the officials in Aiken County complete with links to their Facebook pages or county websites: 

Gary Bunker, Aiken County Council Chairman

As chairman of the county council, Gary is responsible for policy decisions in Aiken County as established in state law. He works with 8 members elected from different districts. Here is his business Facebook page for you to stay connected:

Charles Barton, Auditor

The auditor provides accuracy in the taxation of personal property. Here is the information for Charles Barton:

Robert J. Harte, Clerk of Court

Robert has been elected to provide support for the operation of Aiken’s Circuit and Family Courts. He can be contacted here:

Darryl Ables, Aiken County Coroner

You can find Darryl Ables on Facebook here:

as well as his contact info on the Aiken County Government website:

Tonya Marchant, Probate Court Judge

Here is some info on Tonya and the Aiken County Probate Court:

Michael Hunt, Sheriff

Here is the website for the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

Jason Goings, Treasurer

Jason is responsible for receipt of Aiken County property taxes, shared revenues and more. His info can be found here:

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