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Augusta Unveils Plans for Neighborhood Walmart

Posted by admin on December 29, 2014
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Residents of the Augusta metro area can soon expect a surprise popping up in their neighborhood. A brand new Walmart Neighborhood Market will soon call the Augusta Metro area home. The new store will offer the same high quality pharmaceuticals and groceries as Walmart Super Centers, but will be half the size making for a more intimate shopping experience.

Watching your neighborhood change and evolve before your very eyes can be exciting, and lately Augusta has seen its fair share of progress in the form of restaurants and shopping centers.

Fletcher Bright Company announced that the new Walmart Neighborhood Market will be located in Richmond County at the corner of Windsor Spring Road and Tobacco Road. The Walmart Neighborhood Market isn’t the only thing they have planned though. Residents can also look forward to a 14,800 square feet shopping center which will offer open space for retail shops. The Walmart Neighborhood Market will be the crown jewel of the shopping center, providing an extensive selection of food and pharmaceutical items for their shoppers.

Augusta has quickly become one of the prime relocation cities in the state of Georgia, and the new Walmart Neighborhood Market is yet another reason for it. Along with the new Walmart, the city has been improving through several different projects such as the expansion project on Windsor Spring Road. Augusta is not alone in its recent city developments; the nearby city of Grovetown has also seen some improvements such as the new home neighborhood Kelarie and the new Kroger Marketplace to be completed in 2016.

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While the new Walmart Neighborhood Market will be open to the public and provide essentials for the whole Augusta metro area, those in the Bill Beazley Homes neighborhoods of Manchester and Southampton will benefit the most. Manchester currently has seven available homes at varying phases of construction, while Southampton has three gorgeous completed homes remaining in the neighborhood.


Southampton is one of Prudential Beazley Real Estate’s most cost effective communities and offers everything you could want in a family-friendly neighborhood. It is built at a great location, with close proximity to Fort Gordon, the Augusta Regional Airport, and major roadways. Along with its location, Southampton also offers various community amenities including protective covenants, underground utilities, as well as a nearby library, tennis court, and fishing pond.

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Southampton Homes in Augusta GA

Southampton Augusta GA Homes for Sale

tennis-courts-southampton Southampton Tennis Courts

Manchester at Diamond Lakes

Manchester at Diamond Lakesalso provides some of the highest quality estate style homes in Augusta. This impressive community has a central location and offers luxurious amenities including beautiful streets and designated park areas. In addition, there is a library, tennis courts, and Diamond Lakes Regional Park all within walking distance. The homes themselves include automatic sprinkler systems, a gourmet kitchen, a fireplace, and sod in the front yard.

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Manchester Homes in Augusta GA

Augusta GA Homes in Manchester

Manchester Baseball Park Manchester Baseball Park

For information about the homes available at Southampton or Manchester at Diamond Lakes contact Prudential Beazley Real Estate at 706-863-1775.


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