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Columbia County Elected Officials and Where to Find Them

Posted by admin on July 16, 2020
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Local governments provide an array of beneficial and essential services to their citizens. Between current events and the election year we are in, it’s important to know who your local elected officials are and how to reach them. Here is a list of the officials in Columbia County complete with links to their Facebook pages or county websites:

Wayne Bridges, Tax Commissioner

As tax commissioner of Columbia County, Wayne Bridges handles the receipt of property taxes and disbursement of funds. Here is a link to his contact info from Columbia County’s website:

Vernon Collins, Coroner

The coroner investigates deaths in the county and signs death certificates. Contact info for Collins’ office can be found here.

Patrice Crawley, County Clerk

Find contact info for Patrice here.

Douglas Duncan, Chairman

Duncan serves as Chairman for the Columbia County Board of Commissioners, working closely with 4 district members to oversee various committees. Here is the contact info for Duncan and the Board:

Cindy Mason, Clerk of Superior Court

Cindy Mason is the Clerk of Superior Court for Columbia County and oversees legal proceedings. She can be found on Facebook here as well as the county page here.

Natalie Paine, District Attorney

Paine is Columbia County’s chief prosecutor and is primarily active on her Facebook page. Her contact info can be found here.

Clay Whittle, Sheriff

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office works hard to protect local citizens and enforce the law to the best of their ability. The Sheriff’s department is active on the Columbia County Sheriff’s Facebook page and the office contact number can be found here.

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