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Common Problems with Older Homes

Posted by admin on August 17, 2022
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Common Problems with Older Homes


You might have come across some nice homes if you’ve been looking for a house. But some of them might have been built a long time ago. You might be thinking, it doesn’t matter. A house is a house. But you would be wrong. 

When you pay for an old house, you might inherit more than a couple of problems. And today, we’re going to discuss some of those problems you might get when you purchase an older home.


Mold: What A Smelly Situation in Your Old Home

It’s true. Many older homes come with unresolved mold damage that could cost hundreds, if not thousands, to repair. And if the mold has been there for quite some time, you and your family might find yourselves out of your new home sooner than you think.


Plumbing Damage: Broken Plumbing Equals a Broken House

It’s no joke. Having a plumbing issue can seriously hurt you, especially if you’re in a position where you have to replace the whole system. And suppose the plumbing system needs repair. In that case, your new home will be temporarily uninhabitable while you pay thousands of dollars in restorations.

You’re especially in bad shape if your plumbing system is made of galvanized iron or steel. Why? Because galvanized metals deteriorate a lot. Your metal plumbing system has an expiration date of 20 years!


Inefficient Windows: A Huge Opening In Your Wallet

If you have cracked windows or windows that are out of place, you might think you have a small problem. But that problem is a lot more severe than you think. Repairing that window might be a hassle and a bit costly. 

But what you really should be worried about is that electric bill! Your air conditioning system must work overtime to compensate for the heat or cold your broken window is letting in. 

That means your electric bill is going to be a lot higher! Bad news if you’re moving somewhere hot.


Termite Damage: An All Too Common Infestation in Older Homes

If you have ever had termites, you know how stubborn they can be. Imagine having a whole infestation in your new house! It’s a horrible inconvenience you would have to deal with during your move-in. That’s more money out of your pocket and fewer funds for your savings, retirement, and loved ones!


Unsafe or Dysfunctional Features: Hazardous to You and Your Wallet!

Imagine you brought home with a beautiful fireplace. Then on your first move-in day, you take a break and want to turn on the fireplace. Only to figure out that fireplace you brought when you paid for the house doesn’t work! Stuff like this is pretty common when purchasing an older home! 

Or worse, that fireplace could start an unsafe fire! If that’s the case, you have to remove the fireplace altogether. That’s one less feature of your new home that you paid to have!


Damaged Foundation: Shifting Funds From Your Bank Account

The horror! Nothing feels worse than walking into your house and feeling the ground move a little as you step inside. On average, the cost to fix a damaged foundation is $7,000!


Roof Problems: Getting a New Roof Already?

If you want to talk about common problems in older real estate, roof problems are number one! You could notice interior water damage, pest infestations, or inefficient insulation, which costs more money than you think!

The average roof replacement cost can be eight to eleven thousand dollars! Unless you’re a millionaire, that would be devastating to your pockets!


Pros of Buying New Construction

The good news is if you buy a newer home, you won’t experience any of these problems. Home-buying is never easy, but with a newer one, you have the pros of knowing you won’t run into the common issues with older homes.

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