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Green Homes: Ways A New Home Will Cut Your Energy Bills

Posted by admin on September 5, 2013
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Today’s new construction homes offer better performance, greater comfort and lower utility bills than homes built just five or ten years ago. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, energy efficient homes save an average of 20 to 30 percent more energy than a standard home. Here are a few of the many ways a new home can reduce your monthly energy bills…

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Window Technology

Why settle for drafty single pane windows when you can enjoy double or even triple pane glass with special coatings that control the fluctuation of air even more? For a typical home, Energy Star certified windows will save $126 to $465 a year when you replace your old single pane windows with double or triple pane replacement windows.

Water-Conserving Plumbing

The EPA WaterSense program equips new homes with products that have been rated by independent testers to save 20 percent more water than conventional plumbing fixtures. If every US household installed WaterSense showerheads, we could save over $2.2 billion in utility bills and avoid $2.6 billion in energy costs to heat the water.

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Ducts & Insulation

It is estimated that 20 percent of a home’s energy is wasted by leaky ducts and poorly sealed connections. Energy Star installations and insulation will keep comfortable air in and extreme air out. Your systems will then have to work less to keep the home the optimal temperature.

Eco-Friendly Lighting & Appliances

Did you know… that Energy Star qualified bulbs and fixtures use 75 percent less energy? A compact fluorescent light bulb only uses 15 watts, compared to a traditional bulb’s 60 watts, and can save your household more than $40 in electricity costs over the lifetime of the bulb. Appliances generally account for 20 percent of your household energy use.

See how much energy you can save by replacing the following appliances…

– Refrigerator: 20%

– Dishwasher – 10%

– Clothes Washer – 50% (water); 30% (energy)

– Ceiling Fans – 50%

– Ventilation Fans – 70%

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New Green Home Features

The new homes you see for sale in Augusta, Aiken and the surrounding area are built to green home standards. We’re all tired of paying escalating heating, cooling and water bills. Thankfully, new construction leaders like Bill Beazley Homes, Pierwood Construction, Downeast Home Builders, and Keystone Homes are fully committed to reducing energy consumption, preserving natural resources, and helping buyers save a buck or two on their monthly bills!

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