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Decorating Your House to Sell

Posted by admin on March 5, 2015
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On the outside your house may be a home buyer’s dream with its landscaped lawn, fresh trim, and newly paved driveway. The schools are reputable. The neighborhood is safe, and it’s being listed at a competitive price. But what about the interior?

If you neglect the inside of your home, chances are home buyers will neglect to purchase it. Outdated decor can kill a home sale, and homes that are too tacky, too bright, or too bold will linger on the market for a long time. So it’s time to box up your style and appeal to the masses. Creating a foundation of style that others will notice, or a neutral style that allows the homes features to shine will help you sell your home quicker and for a better price.

By decorating your house to sell you can avoid having the unsellable home on the block.

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Step 1: Make it look larger

Decorating Your House to Sell: Don’t crowd too much furniture into your space. It can make the room appear smaller than it is.

Photo: Wikiemedia Commons

Don’t crowd too much furniture into your space. It can make the room appear smaller than it is. Instead reduce the amount of furniture by taking out extra tables and large knick-knacks. You may also want to consider how the furniture is arranged. A sofa pushed against the wall doesn’t always guarantee more space. Try moving things around and play around with angles. Extra space around the furniture can make the room appear larger.

Finally, clear away that extra clutter, and pack it away. You’re moving anyway, right? So start early. By clearing away these extra momentos, you allow the home buyers to truly look at the space, and imagine their own things in it.


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Step 2: Update your home… or make it appear as though it is updated

Decorating Your House to Sell: Update your home… or make it appear as though it is updated.

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Making your house look new doesn’t require a complete renovation. Small changes here and there can go a long way. For example, old tired cabinets can look ages younger with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.  If you are going to paint your walls, stick to neutral colors such as beige, cream, or pastels. Remember, things that are too bold can put some home buyers off.

If the furniture is old-fashioned, remove the biggest offenders, and do what you can to update the others. Sometimes all it takes is a new slip-cover.

Step 3: Flaunt your assets

Decorating Your House to Sell: Flaunt your assets

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To get the best price for your home, you will want to show off the best side of your home. Move from room to room and assess which features can be highlighted such as fireplaces and windows, then do your best to show them off. Clear, rearrange, and open up anything that takes away from the great things your house offers.

If you show it off like it’s special, home buyers will see it like it’s special.

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