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How to Install a Smart Doorbell on Your Rental

Posted by admin on July 18, 2022
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How to Install a Smart Doorbell on Your Rental


If you’re a person who likes to guard what they have, then you know just how important a video doorbell can be. Having a video doorbell helps deter criminals away from your property. It can capture any footage of crime happening near your doorstep.

They’ve become so helpful that over 52 percent of Americans have considered getting one. However, installing a smart doorbell on a rental involves a few extra steps. You have to consider many factors before properly installing the doorbell on a home you don’t own. 

So today, we’ll walk you through your smart doorbell installation on your rental.


Check with your landlord first.

Consent from your landlord is the first step to any installation you make in your apartment. Make sure your landlord will be okay with you installing a doorbell into the apartment. Many landlords don’t want their tenants drilling holes into the complex.

Still, you could talk about the importance of owning one for your safety. After all, if anything happens to your apartment, it won’t just be your property that will be damaged but also your landlord’s.

Assure them that you will be responsible for any damages that might occur.


Selecting a Smart Doorbell 

Believe it or not, there are different smart doorbells. For example, some doorbells are hard-wired and attach to a chime system. Others are battery-powered doorbells, meaning you charge them and use a different plug-in chime.

If your rental does not have a built-in chime, you will want to use a battery-powered doorbell. Doing so will allow you to hear the doorbell ring and use it on your smartphone.


Installing a Battery-Powered Smart Doorbell Steps

  • Charge the Smart Doorbell Battery

Because the electricity of your rental won’t power your doorbell, you will need to charge the battery. Depending on which doorbell you get, the length of a charge can last from a month to six months!

  • Mount the Bracket

Find a good place next to your door that’s about shoulder height. Then you’ll grab your mounting bracket and drill the bits in your location suitable for your doorbell. Ensure the mounting bracket is level so your doorbell is not leaning to one side. Also, ensure that it is on correctly and that the front is facing you.

  • Attach the Doorbell and Secure it

Attach the doorbell to your bracket. If you have a Ring Doorbell, you will usually slide the doorbell onto the mounting bracket. Next, you go above the mounting bracket, line it up, and slide it down. Next, you will want to secure the doorbell with the security screws that come with your doorbell. 

  • Use the App to Finish the Installation Process

Use the app to connect you to your smart doorbell to finish the installation. Generally, this shouldn’t take too long, as you will be signing up for the doorbell company services. 

  • Set up the Plug-in Chime

If your doorbell comes with one, set up your plug-in chime. That way, you don’t need your smartphone to know when there’s a person at your front door. 


Of course, if the doorbell didn’t come with one, that’s no problem. You can buy a plug-in chime from any of the big retailers. Just make sure the chime you purchase is compatible with your device.


Installing a Hard-Wired Smart Doorbell Steps

  • Cut Off the Power to Your Chime

You want the power to your chime and doorbell so you don’t hurt yourself while working on the doorbell. If you’re unsure which beaker turns off your doorbell, have someone test the doorbell out while you’re flipping switches. 

  • Uninstall Your Doorbell and Gently Pull the Wires Out

Carefully remove your previous doorbell by unscrewing your doorbell. Once the doorbell is entirely off, disconnect the wires from your doorbell and gently pull them out from your wall. Careful not to break the wires because they connect to your chime. 


Tip: tape the wires back, so they don’t get in your way while you mount the bracket.

  • Mount the Mounting Bracket

The process is similar here. Mount the bracket onto the wall with the drill bits and anchors provided. 

  • Connect the Wires to the Doorbell

If your doorbell came with a bridge or hub, now is the time to assemble it. Connect the bridge wires to the doorbell. If your doorbell did not come with a bridge, carefully wrap the wires around the terminal.

  • Mount Your Doorbell

Once again, the process is similar. Gently slide the doorbell onto the mounting bracket and secure it with the security screws. 

  • Rewire Your Doorbell Chime

This next step is a bit different. You will have to refer to your instruction manual for this one, as rewiring the doorbell chime for your smart doorbell is different for every model. As long as the power is off, you can proceed with caution.

  • Use App to Finish the Process

Once you have finished rewiring the chime, take a moment and realize that you have just finished the difficult part of the installation process. Now you can do the easy part. Finish the process on your smartphone app.


Relax and Enjoy Your New Doorbell 

Congratulations! Once you have all of that done, you finally have a working smart doorbell. After all that hard work, you can now relax, knowing your rental will be protected.

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