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How to Save Money on Utility Bills

Posted by admin on September 6, 2018
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How to Save Money on Utility Bills

We all have to deal with pesky bills. Some are expected and budgeted for every month and some add up unexpectedly. If you are struggling with monthly utility bills adding up, consider ways you can trim them here and there to save money and have extra for other fun things.

Look at each recurring monthly bill and evaluate what is actually a priority and what is not. You may be surprised at how much you can cut back to save more money in the long run!

Cable and Internet

This is one bill that gets overlooked because no one likes to deal with calling customer service. However, a 10 minute phone call could save money big time. If you have a regular or premium cable service and find that you’re not even watching the channels provided, think about a downgrade or cut your cable service altogether. There are plenty of streaming services available for prices considerably lower than what cable companies offer. If you want to keep any cable channels, ask if you can get special deal for bundling it with your internet service. It never hurts to ask and you could easily reduce this monthly bill!


We can’t go without electricity altogether, but there are ways to make sure we don’t overpay on this necessity. Look around the house at items that are constantly plugged up but rarely (or never) used. You may be surprised at how much these things affect your power bill. Lamps that are more for decoration, small appliances such as coffee pots and toaster ovens, and phone chargers are all examples of items that can be unplugged when not in use. Also, set your thermostat a little higher than normal when you get ready to leave the house and adjust it to your liking when you get back.

Water and Waste

Consider installing a low-flow shower head in the bathroom to reduce the amount of water used during showers. This is a common solution to helping water bills since showers are used daily. Also, turn off the tap when you aren’t using it. Try taking shorter showers and watch the increase in savings!

For trash, try recycling what you can. Also, look into what you could compost from the home. Using the earth’s resources is definitely an option to save money on garbage collection companies.


These are just a few simple ideas that could produce big-time savings in the long run. Always be sure to budget out your monthly expenses and think about what you could cut back on to put more money in your pocket!

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