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How to Sell Your Home Faster for More

Posted by admin on July 18, 2014
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Home sellers, have no fear. A faster way to sell your home for more is HERE!

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Making your home stand out among thousands of other available properties is no easy task. Buyers are ready to invest a large chunk of their savings and commit to a long-term mortgage; they aren’t going to settle on just any house they see a flyer for. They want a home that is clean and well maintained, a home they can visualize themselves in, and ultimately a home that is pristine.

Yes, that means a little extra work on your part, but trust us. Your hard work WILL pay off in the end.

To help you through your home selling endeavors, the experts at Prudential Beazley Real Estate have compiled a list of helpful suggestions. In their years of experience they found three key factors make all the difference when selling your home quickly: an attractive home, priced right, with just a little extra something.

An Attractive Home

The Exterior

It all starts with the front yard. If the appearance of your landscape is not impressive, many potential buyers will not even bother looking on the inside.

How to Sell Your Home Fast in 3 Easy Steps | Prudential Beazley Real Estate

*   If you have plants or a garden they should be spruced up. Pull the weeds, add fresh mulch, and trim the hedges. If you are not a gardener, now is the time to start.

*   Give all your doors and window frames a fresh coat of paint if necessary.

*   Hanging baskets and window boxes always make the front of a property more presentable.

*   Don’t neglect the backyard. This could be where the buyers plan to entertain or where their children will play, so make it just as inviting as the front yard.

The Interior

Buyers are generally looking for a blank canvas on which they can imagine their own furniture and belongings. An interior that is cluttered with a seller’s personality will likely discourage buyers.

How to Sell Your Home Fast | Prudential Beazley Real Estate

*   Don’t underestimate the power of small improvements. Take the time to replace a ripped window screen, add a fresh coat of paint or colorful flowers to a family room, and mend any broken drawers or cabinets.

*   Clean out those dirty kitchen cupboards and have the carpets professionally cleaned.

*   Finally see to those secret corners that have been collecting dirt, dust, and grime. Remember, you want your house to be pristine.

*   Neutralize your rooms with creams and whites. You might need to paint over bright colored walls.

*   Depersonalize your home. Items like family photos or personal collections should be packed away prior to a showing.

Pricing Your Home Right

While sellers may value their home above market value, it is extremely important not to ask for too much. If you want a quick sale, be realistic.

*   Before you price your home get a look at other similar homes in the area and get the opinion of a reputable real estate professional.

*   If you are dead set on having a quick sale, be prepared to lower your expectations.

*   Be meticulous in arriving at your final number. Be specific, be confident, and be firm.

Going the Extra Mile

Everyone likes a little something extra, so why not with a home? By going the extra mile for your potential home buyers you can not only sell your home faster but also add money to your bottom line.

*   Stage your home right. Neutral music like classical or jazz low in the background gives a soothing mood throughout the home. Add freshly baked cookies and scented-candles and your potential buyers may not want to leave.

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*   Pre-sale inspections are an excellent way to show hesitant buyers that your home is in top condition. In addition, addressing potential problems ahead of time will allow you to handle them without scaring anyone away.

*   Promote your home. Use the power of the internet to generate leads or spread the word by mouth. Don’t hesitate to use social media or talk to organizations you are a part of. A little exposure here and there can go a long way.

*   If you can, borrow a nice DSLR to take professional grade photos of the interior and exterior of your home. Choose a sunny day after the clutter has been cleared away and the home is looking flawless.

*   Choose the right real estate agent. Ask friends, family, and co-workers if they have any references for top agents. The agent you choose should have extensive market knowledge, as well as be honest and personable.

PBRE agents

For a great agent in the Augusta metro area, contact Prudential Beazley Real Estate. Our agents pride themselves on remaining on the cutting edge of marketing and real estate. Aside from providing their clients excellent customer service, the real estate agents at Prudential Beazley Real Estate are dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable about how to sell your home fast.

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