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Moving With Pets? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Posted by admin on May 13, 2022
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In general, the process of moving is stressful, and when you add animals into the equation, the moving stress can double or even triple. It is a lot to think about and plan for, but making moving with pets a smooth process is possible. If you’re preparing for a big upcoming move with pets, here are a few tips to help everyone stay happy and calm throughout the experience.


Stick To A Routine

The first thing you need to know is that most animals thrive on a routine. So for as long as possible, try to keep up with your routine before the actual move. If possible, you should begin packing early so the process can be gradual and not a sudden, spontaneous change for your pet. An upheaval in a pet’s routine can cause stress, which can lead to behavioral problems and more anxiety near the big move. By the time you get around to the actual move, this will be an even bigger issue for you to handle. Being cognizant of their routines and patterns can help alleviate tension for your pet and yourself.


Be Sensitive To How You Transport Them 

The next thing to be aware of when moving with a pet is the actual transportation process. When possible, always choose to take a car over a plane and never transport them in the back of a moving van or in a stowaway area. Not only is this dangerous for the health and safety of your animal, but is unnecessary stress for you as well. If you’re driving, plan for stops if they need to use the bathroom outdoors and pack water and food for them on the trip. Getting them used to their pet carrier ahead of moving day is always a good idea too. Weeks or even months in advance, you can gradually get them more familiar with their crate or carrier. Reward them with treats and food when they enter and slowly increase the time they spend in there for a seamless travel day.


Prepare For Your Arrival 

Before you get to your new place, you want to make sure that everything will be a smooth transition for your pet. Have a vet already picked out and make sure you call ahead to ensure their office is taking patients. You’ll also want to double-check that your new place allows pets and look into any documentation or vaccinations your might need to present for your pet when you arrive. 


Find Help and Plan Ahead 

There’s nothing wrong with having a few extra hands on deck. Although you know your pet and their behavior the best, hiring a sitter for the day of the move could be tremendously helpful. Make sure you find agents that know what you want and need in the home-search process. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beazley, REALTORS® can help. Click here to find your forever agent. Ask them for a Lifestyle Planning Guide and discover how they can help you prepare for your next lifestyle choice.

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