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Moving Tips: 7 Steps for an Organized Move

Posted by admin on March 28, 2014
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Moving can be a stressful task for everyone in the family.

Sorting through a lifetime’s worth of belongings, throwing it in a big truck, and hauling it away only to unpack, re-sort, and reassemble at a new location doesn’t quite sound like a fun Saturday afternoon.

But it can be made easier.

If you are one in five organizationally challenged Americans moving this year, here are some tips to help you stay focused.

1. Keep a log of EVERYTHING.


Write down phone numbers, names, dates, and appointments in one handy notebook. Then, keep it in a place that is safe and accessible to the heads of house only. You don’t want the phone number of the electrician turning into a crayon drawing of your dog.

2.Use non-printed newspaper to wrap fragile items.


Wrap each one loosely in no more than two sheets of newspaper and place delicately in a box market FRAGILE. Or kill two birds with one stone by using other soft household items to pack breakables such as sheets, pillows, and dishcloths.

3. Keep track of your pets.


In all the commotion it is easy for pets to get lost or confused.

handling pets while moving

Image Source: Flickr

4. Label. Label. Label.


There is no such thing as too many labels. Keep things separated by room, and then area to make for an easier unpacking experience on the other side. The more definite the label, the easier the process will be.

5. Don’t break your back!


Lift all boxes with your needs. When moving heavier items, use a trolly or a rug for easier movement across hardwood floors.

6. You are uprooting, not your garden!


Instead of taking full-grown plants from your old garden, take a seedling to replant at your new place. Give the old plants away to the friends who are helping you with the move.

7. Pack the essentials.


This isn’t just the last tip. This one you should actually complete last. This “survival box” should contain all your family’s essentials for the first day or night in your new house. For example, the doll your daughter can’t sleep at night without, toiletries, your alarm clock, bed sheets, emergency numbers, a change of clothes, and blankets. If you have children you may want to consider a DVD player and DVD’s to keep them entertained during all the upheaval. If you move at night, think about adding a few dishes, cereal, and granola bars for a handy breakfast.

packing tips for moving Image Source: Flickr

Remember throughout the move to keep a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. There are so many possibilities and opportunities that arise with a move. It gives families a chance to pull back, reexamine their lives, and have a clean slate. So start it off with a smile!

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