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Posted by admin on April 28, 2020
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Are you looking for ways to put your garage to better use? The garage is no longer just a space for your car. It is now home to the car, outdoor workpieces, tool kits, gym equipment and more. Check out this list of 6 different ways to add storage and fun while still being able to park your car inside. 


  • Add Wall Tracks


Adding track rails along the walls of your garage will make it much easier to store lay-flat items such as rakes, shovels, stepladders and folding chairs. This keeps them off of the floor and adds exponential space to the garage overall. 


  • Dedicate an Area to Kids’ Toys


Whether you have young children in the home or older sports fans, the outdoor toys can pile up quickly. Set up a special storage area in the garage to keep the clutter at bay when they are not being used. A wooden wall-mounted box with bungee cords in the front would be a great way to keep balls, helmets, knee pads and other outdoor activity items. 


  • Add a Pegboard


A pegboard is a great addition to the garage. It easily displays smaller items that constantly need easy access. Think pliers, hammers, dusters and more. 


  • Combine Function with Style


Garages don’t need to be dark and musky. Heavy tools and gardening equipment can be stored in more attractive spaces such as fabric cubes or fashionably-labeled buckets. 


  • Put Together an Entertainment Area 


If you don’t always have your car in the garage and love to host family and friends, hook up a tv in a spot that is easily accessible. Everyone can bring lawn chairs or you can store a few in the corner that can quickly be put up after an evening watching your favorite sport or movie. 


  • Build a Folding Bench


A workbench that can be hidden to maximize space is an essential part of any garage. Creating a desk that can fold down for use when needed is the perfect way to utilize a smaller space while getting the job done. 

Your garage doesn’t have to be boring or messy. Try a few of these ideas to freshen up your space and enjoy the change! 

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