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New Priorities for Home Shopping After a Pandemic

Posted by admin on July 16, 2020
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The year 2020 has thrown us all for a loop, to say the least. The United States was not expecting the coronavirus pandemic to hit as hard as it did, especially in our own backyard. Quarantine and mandatory lockdowns have changed many different factors of our lives with so much time being spent at home. Has it made you reconsider the practicality of the home you live in? There are certain features and benefits that are going to be higher on the priority list as new homeowners shop after COVID-19 is behind us. 

Light and Space

If you live in the city or haven’t spent much time at home, you may not realize how much natural light your home has been lacking. Being stuck at home has created a new appreciation for extended space and ample lighting. When shopping for a new home, look for large windows that will bring in natural light. Not only will this help with utility bills, it will also make the entire space appear larger. 

Easy Cooking

Many of us have been getting up close and personal with our kitchens during this time. With all of the new recipes that have been learned and perfected, you may notice that your kitchen isn’t the most practical when it comes to space. In the event restaurants are closed again, you’ll want a large area to prep, cook and serve your meals. 


Sheltering in place may mean a lack of privacy for some. If anyone in the home is sharing a room, the need for privacy may have been amplified over the past few months. When shopping for a new home, be sure there are plenty of rooms for everyone or even a finished basement apartment.

Energy Efficiency

Was there a spike in your electricity bills after all of the time spent at home? All of the cooking, working from home and streaming can add up immensely and before you know it, utility bills are through the roof. In your next home, look for energy efficient features such as double-pane windows to keep things cool for a lower price. 

Staying Fit

With most gyms closed during shelter in place, exercising came in the form of a home gym. Whether you have equipment or not, it’s important to get active for at least a few minutes each day. This is why we may see a trend in home gyms and spaces to work out over the next few years. 

Work from Home

Many jobs have fully converted to work from home, while others have noticed the importance of having the space to do that. New homeowners may be looking for a space to accommodate work needs to stay off of the couch and be productive while running business as usual from home. 

While it may be a slow and steady rise back to some sort of normalcy, it will happen in time. Consider these factors when you are ready to buy a new home and be prepared for anything with a comfortable living space.

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