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New Year, New Home Gym

Posted by admin on January 2, 2019
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The most common resolution every year is to lose weight and exercise more. With this, gym memberships have a giant increase and the gyms are packed to the brim during the month of January. Unfortunately, most people fall off of the train early in the journey. If you don’t want to be one of those people, consider refreshing some of the extra space in your home to create a home gym. It’s perfect for avoiding the “resolutioner” crowds and the convenience of having access in your own home may motivate you to keep up the hard work all year long. Take a look at some of our options for creating a home gym.

When evaluating how you will incorporate fitness equipment into your existing space, consider where you wouldn’t mind having some extra items and possibly making noise. If there is a spare room in the home that hasn’t been used in quite some time, it could be a good start. Look into a good gym-quality mat for the floor to protect carpets or hardwoods, though. The most common space for exercise equipment is the garage. If there is extra space to use, great! If you are planning to create some DIY pieces, the garage could be even better since tools are typically stored there too.

First, let’s talk about a homemade dip station. You will need a few kee klamp fittings, which can be found near pipes in home improvement stores or online. A few 2x4s, pipe and kee klamps and you have an easy place to build strength with tricep dips. A less space-consuming option for this would be to secure pipes to the ground for tricep tips and push-ups.

Another creative way to stick to your resolutions at home is to transform your bicycle into a stationary bike. With this, there’s no excuse since you can exercise through the worst of weather! A stationary bike stand is portable too so it’s extremely easy to place it in front of the tv for some fast, mindless exercise during a show or movie. Build a simple stand with scraps of wood and add a peg to each side of the back wheel of the bike. Make sure the ends of the wood are slim enough to hold the bike in place and enjoy your new at-home exercise bike!

For more simple pieces of equipment that don’t require assembly, look no further than your kitchen. If you want to experiment with weights but don’t want to spend the money on dumbbells, soup cans or books get the same job done! For kettlebell exercises, a milk jug or paint can works perfectly. They can be filled with sand or water to add weight.

Making a resolution to exercise more doesn’t feel so intimidating when you have the choice to do so in the comfort of your own home. With any of these, be sure you are staying safe and properly avoiding injury. Happy New Year!

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