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Seller Advice: How To Stage Your Home To Sell!

Posted by admin on August 29, 2013
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Have you ever noticed that the featured catalog items and apparel on mannequins appear to sell out before the other merchandise in stock at a clothing store? Perhaps you’ve noticed how it seems like all the brand new vehicles on the road are all the same shade of silver or blue in a given year. Or have you ever gone through the supermarket and found yourself attracted to a themed display that pairs related BBQ or tailgate party items together? These buyer inclinations don’t happen by accident. They are cleverly plotted by marketers to look irresistible to shoppers. The same rings true when selling a home.

before and after home staging

Staging A Home

Take a look at this example: which home looks more inviting to you… the one on the left or the one on the right? Just a few minor modifications like a fresh coat of paint and a few pieces of borrowed furniture can totally transform a room — and the buyer’s imagination!

home staging

Home staging is nothing new. The concept is said to have started in 1972 when Barb Schwarz left her interior design career to pursue residential real estate in Bellevue, Washington. One of the challenges she noticed was that sellers were often offended when she’d make suggestions on how to prepare the home for sale. Over time, the benefits of incorporating interior design into the sale of a home were obvious. In 1985, she began teaching her craft to over 1 million agents across the country.

Tricks For Staging A Home That Sells

Here are several tips from the professionals that’ll sell your home in a jiffy!

1. De-clutter! Having too much furniture or that “lived-in” look will send buyers running.

home staging

2. Group furniture! People mistakenly feel the room will look bigger if they push all the furniture against the wall. Instead, it looks more pleasing — and cozier — when furniture is grouped together, leaving wide open spaces elsewhere.

home staging living room

3. De-stink! In the early years of home staging, it was customary to bake cookies or steam cinnamon potpourri before a showing. Buyers can see right through these tricks. Your best bet is to replace old smelly carpets, scrub down the walls, and smoke outside.

before and after smoker house

4. Add artwork! Sure, not everyone has the same taste in art, but covering bare walls will do more to evoke a particular mood in the buyer.

stage your home

5. Reinvent! Perhaps you only used a particular room to stow junk. Yet, what might it be for a prospective buyer — a craft room? An office? An extra bedroom? A little imagination goes a long way.

home staging room

You can find more tips on staging your home to sell faster here and here. Don’t hesitate to contact Prudential Beazley Real Estate to learn how we can boost strengths, mask weaknesses and transform your residence into the talk of the town!

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