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Six Ways To Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers

Posted by admin on August 7, 2014
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Millennials… While it may sound like the latest Ford model, the term refers to the generation of adults age 33 or younger who came of age some time around the new millennium. Adults from this age category tend to be extremely tech savvy, eco friendly, and social. They are also at a ripe age for buying their first home.

Six Ways To Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers

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So what does this mean for home sellers? Quite a lot, especially since millennials make up 31% of all home buyers, more than any other generation. This influx of new buyers has not only put a demand on the housing market, it has also demanded more from home sellers. Young buyers are a different breed of buyers than buyers of the past. They have unique desires and, unfortunately, older homes may not be meeting their needs.

To avoid missing out on this considerable group of potential buyers, read through Prudential Beazley Real Estate’s six tips for appealing to millennial home buyers.

1. Create Clean Lines


Younger buyers will appreciate a home with a sleek modern look. To create this setting in your home, the best approach is to minimize extra clutter. Things that may date your home such as photos, keepsakes, and art should be stored away out of site. Cleaning the clutter also gives your potential millennial home buyers the opportunity to imagine your home as if it were their own.

2. Keep Things Fresh


Millennials are looking for homes that can be easily maintained and won’t eat up too much of their free time. For this reason, it is important to make your home look as move-in ready as possible. Keep your home looking fresh by applying a new coat of paint and cleaning the carpets.

3. Go Green


Millennial Home Buyers

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Studies show that millennial buyers desire green options in their home. Additions such as energy saving appliances and low flush toilets not only reduce their eco footprint, but also reduce energy costs.

4. Get Techy


Today’s modern day millennial buyer is also looking for more connectivity. Smart home technology has advanced significantly in the past decade and options are available now that can connect practically everything in the home to a smartphone device.

Discover more about Prudential Beazley Real Estate’s smart home options available at Woodlief and The Retreat at Storm Branch.

5. Be Flexible


yoga space at home

Having extra space that can be converted in various ways (such as a yoga room) is a huge bonus when it comes to millennial home buyers. When advertising or showing your home make sure to emphasize extra bedrooms, unfinished basements, and even attics as well as how they can be utilized to custom fit personal interests.

6. Open Up


When shopping for a new home, an item that millennials consistently request is open floor plans and streamlined spaces. Young buyers are constantly on the go, and they need a space that offers them freedom, comfort, and mobility.  

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