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Spring Cleaning Prep

Posted by admin on March 24, 2020
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The flowers haven’t bloomed just yet and the weather is still a little dreary, but spring is coming! Something about the warmth and sunshine brings about a fresh feeling that spreads into all aspects of your life. Spring cleaning is always so popular because it’s a time to get rid of the junk accumulated over the past year and open up the windows of your crisp, clean home to breathe in the fresh spring air. To get yourself ready for spring cleaning time, here are a few tips: 

Get in the Mood

It’s important to mentally prepare yourself for spring cleaning time. Think about the stress that will be taken away when your home is clean and the deep breaths you’ll be able to take on your couch in peace. Create a playlist of your favorite songs to help get you in the mood and stay upbeat during the cleaning process. 

Make a List

Think about your priorities during spring cleaning time. Make a list of areas in the home by importance and plan to tackle them one at a time. 

Gather Needed Supplies

The benefit of making a list ahead of time is to know which materials you’ll need to get the job done. Before cleaning day, stock up on trash bags, fresh cloths, lightbulbs and whatever else you will need to get your home in its best shape. 

Save Vacuuming and Mopping for Last

When cleaning day rolls around, start with dusting first. Get all of the spots that you don’t normally reach with everyday cleaning and wait until after it’s done to vacuum, that way you’re not having to backtrack. 

Wipe the Walls

Your walls have probably gathered more grime and dust than you think, so they need a good wash too. As long as your paint can handle it, wipe them down with a sponge mop and a soft, clean cloth. 

If cleaning the house top to bottom is still too overwhelming, there’s no shame in researching a local cleaning company to help you out. But give it a try with this simple list of tips and you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish! 

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