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Posted by admin on January 23, 2020
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Sustainable Interior Design

         Preserving the environment has been an ongoing topic between people across the world, young and old. It is important to utilize resources that help to conserve energy and provide sustainability. Interior design trends should be no different. For some ideas on creating a sustainable interior design atmosphere, consider these ideas:

Use space efficiently.

        Keeping use of construction materials and resources to a minimum is easy when spaces are used efficiently without waste. Think about ways you can utilize every square foot, especially when building a new home or remodeling. Don’t add space if it won’t be used. This will also help in conserving energy which will add to lower utility bills.

Gather energy-wise design materials.

        Look into windows and doors that will maximize the energy efficiency of your home. There are also flooring options that can be produced from renewable sources such as bamboo. While there may be a larger investment up front, the energy saved in the long run will be well worth it.

Purchase items manufactured in a socially responsible way.

        Look for furniture and other items that are produced through safe processes and socially just business practices. Many small businesses will appreciate your purchase exponentially more than a large corporation that is all about pinching pennies. Know where your interior items are coming from so that it is easier to feel a sense of responsibility with each piece.

Use recycled or reclaimed materials to reduce waste.

        Antiques and vintage pieces have been rapidly growing in trend and are a great way to repurpose old items. For the homeowner who likes to constantly swap out decor, thrifting and recycling will reduce waste (and save money as an alternative to constant purchases).

Utilize energy efficient lighting.

        Windows and skylights that maximize the amount of daylight passing through the home will drastically lower utility bills. Where light bulbs are needed, LED is the best option and will last much longer than the typical bulb.

        Living a sustainable lifestyle can be a learning curve, but taking small steps to improve the environment can lead to a snowball effect of changing your life completely.


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