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7 Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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Cleaning: one of the most mundane and most procrastinated tasks of being a homeowner. Whether you are overwhelmed by the mess or simply can’t find the motivation to get anything done, here are a few cleaning hacks to keep in mind that will help make your life easier. 


  1. If you’ve worked up a sweat from wiping down your microwave in the past, try this new method: Fill a bowl with water, add a few drops of vanilla extract and lemon juice to clean and release a soothing scent as the steam loosens the buildup in your microwave. Use a soft cloth to wipe down any leftover residue and enjoy your like-new microwave. 
  2. Do you enjoy making waffles at home but dread having to clean the waffle iron after? Steam clean it with wet paper towels. While the iron is on, gently wipe with the wet towels and watch the sticky residue lift off easily. 
  3. If there are little ones in the house, there’s a chance that small blocks and toy pieces also live with you. If food or craft material gets stuck in them, the cleanup can be horrible. Instead, place the small pieces in a lingerie bag and run them through a regular wash cycle in your washing machine! 
  4. Running out of cleaning solution spray is no fun, especially when you are on a roll with your chores. Grab an empty spray bottle and mix vinegar, dish detergent and a small amount of water to keep your routine going without having to pause and run to the store. 
  5. Do you have a stainless steel sink that can’t seem to avoid scratches? Take a lemon sliced in half and coarse salt to make the sink shine like new again. After you’re done with the lemon, chop it up and run through the garbage disposal to avoid any unwelcome odors. 
  6. To quickly and easily clean dirty white shoes, use a magic eraser and wipe away the spots gently to make them like new with minimal effort. 
  7. Lamp shades are a dust magnet, especially white or light-colored ones. Use a lint roller to quickly and easily swipe the dust away. 
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