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January Home Checklist

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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With another busy holiday season down, you may be looking forward to a little bit of relaxation at home as the new year begins. In order to make your space more comfortable, follow these quick maintenance tips to keep everything in shape. 

Holiday Cleanup

If you haven’t already, now is the time to pack away the holiday decor. If you had a live Christmas tree during the season, find a local recycling service that will take it off of your hands or where you can drop it off. Neatly pack away ornaments and lights to store until next winter. 

Freeze Prevention for Pipes

While the weather in the south is constantly unpredictable, there will be at least a few cold days here and there. If temperatures come below freezing, a frozen pipe could crack or burst and result in flooding of your home. On those occasional cold days, leave your faucets just barely dripping. 

Tackle Hidden Dirt

Give the year a truly fresh start by paying extra attention to those areas that may get missed in a daily cleaning. These may include the range hood in your kitchen, refrigerator coils, dusty light bulbs and vents. Shine and tighten any loose doorknobs or hinges as well. 

Check Monitors and Alarms

Look at the smoke detectors throughout your home and test the batteries to be sure they don’t need replacing. If you have a security system inside or outside of the home, conduct an inspection to see that everything is wired correctly and that there is no damage. 

Organize the Closets

Try to avoid going into a new year with old clutter. If there are clothes that you have and can’t remember the last time you wore them, it may be time to consider whether to keep or donate them. Did you shop any semi-annual home and linen sales? Take inventory of what you have in your linen closets and make room for new pieces. 

Taking small steps such as these can set you up for an easy beginning to 2022 and reduce stress before it begins. Be proactive this year and keep your home on track!

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