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Best Hiding Places for Gifts 

Posted by admin on October 6, 2021
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The holidays are sneaking up on us quicker than you may think. That means it’s time to begin shopping for gifts if you haven’t already! Are you stuck in a rut with small children in your home that are sneaky and look for gifts everywhere? This is one of the main reasons parents wait until the last few weeks before the holidays to purchase gifts. Instead of worrying about the last-minute holiday shopping stress, try some unique hiding spots that will leave your little ones puzzled and keep your secrets safe until it is time to open them. 


  • The attic. It’s dusty, sometimes gross and a little scary. Most children know not to mess with the ladder leading up to the attic in the first place, so this is a sure spot that they won’t be looking for gifts. For extra security and to keep them safe from dust, store them in a black garbage bag before hiding them. 
  • An “unmentionables” drawer. Kids aren’t inclined to dig through their parents’ personal items! 
  • Suitcases. If you keep luggage in your closet or a storage area, it’s an easy way to hide gifts that will fit in there. 
  • The “trash”. Get a new, extra large garbage can and a black trash bag to hide gifts in the garage. Just make sure the other adults in the home are in the loop so that they don’t toss it out on trash pickup day! 
  • With pots and pans. Smaller gifts can easily fit into pans or other kitchenware that you don’t use very often. Try to push them to the back of the cabinet or pantry for extra security. 
  • At your office. If you work away from home and have ample space in your office, stash some of the gifts there where they are guaranteed to be safe. Just don’t forget to bring them home for wrapping before your holiday days off! 


Wherever you choose to hide those gifts, be sure to have a list of which gifts are in which spot. It can be easy to forget in the midst of the holiday madness and you don’t want to be stumped the morning of! 

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