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International Volunteer Day

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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December 5, 2021 is International Volunteer Day. It began in 1985 by the United Nations to be an international day of observance to celebrate the power of volunteering. 

Volunteers and volunteer organizations use the day as an opportunity to raise awareness of the contribution volunteers can make to communities. They can celebrate their efforts and promote more work among the community. 

There are various activities individuals and organizations can do to contribute to volunteering awareness, including but not limited to: 

  • Community service projects
  • Parades or rallies
  • Awards for volunteers who make significant contributions to the community 
  • Time donation campaigns to pledge service hours for certain projects
  • Volunteer programs from companies as a part of corporate responsibility 


If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities locally around the CSRA, here are a few to join: 

  • The Ronald McDonald House of Augusta assists families with critically ill and injured children, providing them with a place to sleep close to the local hospitals. Volunteers can help cook dinner and dessert for the families, organize activities for children during their stay, or help with the welcome desk. Click the link above for more information and how to contact them to arrange a volunteer service. 
  • Golden Harvest Food Bank  provides food sources throughout Georgia and South Carolina to help those in need and feeds the hungry. Volunteer opportunities include food sorting, a soup kitchen, a farm to grow food for the hungry, mobile markets and more. The link above has a comprehensive list of opportunities as well as registration forms and contact information. 
  • The Salvation Army of Augusta offers hope and basic needs to low-income and homeless individuals, with many programs available free of charge. There are various volunteer opportunities such as the soup kitchen, food and supply drives, and bell ringing in front of businesses during the holiday season. Visit their site for all of the available opportunities and sign-up information to join. 
  • Columbia County Foundation for Children was started by the late Barbara Beazley to help assist with the needs of disadvantaged children and youth in Columbia County. There is a Helping Hands Thrift Store in Appling that provides free clothing to families in need and operates on public donations. Therefore, donating outgrown or unwanted clothing is a great and easy way to help with the organization. There are other ways to volunteer throughout the year, so check out their website at the link above and contact for more information on how you can be a part of helping children in the area. 


Volunteering is all about making a difference in the community and in the world. No matter how big or small your service project may be, you are sure to touch the lives of those you assist. 

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