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National Craft Month

Posted by admin on March 11, 2022
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Creative outlets are a way to express yourself constructively, and crafting is a popular avenue to take in doing so. The Association for Creative Industries established March as National Crafting Month in 1994 to encourage individuals to discover their creativity and introduce artistic outlets. 

There is no better time than National Craft Month to start a new project, try a new medium, or learn a new skill in the world of crafting. It is a relaxing hobby that could also turn into a lucrative business if you choose to capitalize on your work. Whether you hope to open an online shop or simply want to try something new for yourself, here are 3 ways you can celebrate National Craft Month: 


Explore a New Creative Medium

If you are starting from scratch, explore a local craft store to see the options they have for beginner DIY kits. You can find easy guides for just about anything, from crocheting to jewelry making and many crafts in between. 

Do you enjoy painting with watercolor? Try a new portrait with oil pastels or acrylic. Maybe you’ve taken up knitting- expand your horizons and learn how to crochet as well. There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating, so truly think outside the box to find new ideas. 


Display Your Work

Show off the work you’ve been learning with friends and family or the world! You can post photos and videos of your newest pieces to social media for friends to see what you’ve been up to or you can participate in a local craft fair. Having a craft on display that was made by your hands can provide a sense of personal accomplishment. 


Be Colorful 

Don’t allow a drab, mundane daily life to get you down. Try a bright color palette no matter what medium you choose to craft with. If you regularly craft already and have a standard color scheme you tend to stay in, explore something different. For example- if you tend to work with cool neutrals, make something in bright pastels instead. 


Crafting and creating will stimulate your imagination and lift your spirits, which is needed now in our world more than ever. Give yourself a new creative outlet to turn to when times are tough and to make unique pieces of art that can be displayed in your home, online or gifted to friends and family. 

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