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New Year’s Resolutions for Self-Care

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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Everyone knows that New Year’s resolutions can be a taboo subject to discuss. They tend to be unattainable and hard to stick to, often getting dropped within the first few weeks of January. Something that is difficult year-round is self-care. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, work and family that we forget to stop and rest for even a few minutes. To begin 2022 on the right foot, consider these self-care resolutions to gradually grow into and become more balanced all around. 


  • Create a new morning routine. The way you start each morning sets the tone for the entire day, so wake up prepared and ready to take on anything. Look at your current routine and decide how much extra time you need to get ready without feeling rushed and frazzled. Small changes such as setting your alarm 5 minutes early, preparing breakfast the night before to easily heat in the morning, and packing your bag could save you a load of time when the morning rolls around. 
  • Many Americans do not get a sufficient amount of sleep. The average person should be sleeping between 7-9 hours each night, but many of us run on fumes with 5-6 hours. Try giving yourself at least 20 extra minutes in bed at night to wind down and gradually build up to another hour or two so that your body will feel more rested and make for a successful day. A calming atmosphere such as blackout curtains and a white noise machine can aid in helping you relax easier. 
  • Read for at least 10 minutes per day. It isn’t a huge commitment and can greatly reduce stress by as much as 68% according to a study from The University of Sussex. Aim for reading relaxing material or fiction to help put your mind at ease instead of constant immersion in the news and current events. 
  • Try to detox from social media every once in a while. Setting aside a particular day each week or even a few hours can reduce your stress levels. This will help balance out your mental health by spending more time on mindfulness instead of constantly consuming the information of others and trying to keep up with so many different lives. 
  • Practice gratitude. It’s difficult to be so stressed and angry about life when you focus on the good things you have! Keep a gratitude list or journal- even a note on your phone could work. When something pops into your mind that you are thankful for, write it down and watch your list grow throughout the year. This will make each day better and a little easier. 


Self-care doesn’t have to be a scary word. Small steps will build up to big changes and help you be more relaxed all around. Use the new year to reset mentally, physically and emotionally to become a better you! 

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