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Preparing for Holiday Houseguests

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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Getting ready for the holiday season can be exciting, but overwhelming. This is especially true if you plan to open up your home to additional guests who may be traveling from out of town. Even getting ready to host a party or gathering at your home can be a task and you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few ways to get ready and relieve some of the stress: 

Know how many guests to expect. 

Get a head count for your gathering or if you are hosting overnight guests. This will help you know how much food to purchase and prepare while there are extra bodies in your home. While a head count is important, you should also be flexible in the event of a last minute cancellation or add-on. Travel schedules have been crazy for most of the year and the holiday season will likely be the same or worse. 

Clean up. 

You don’t need to stress over a picture-perfect spotless house, but it is nice to clean what you can before guests arrive. If a spare room is being used, make sure there is no additional clutter and the bed is clear with clean linens. Vacuum carpeted areas and sweep and mop hardwood/tile areas. Be sure bathrooms are clean as well and stocked up with necessities, such as toilet paper, soap and toothpaste. 

Have a place to store coats and bags. 

If you’re having a holiday gathering, make sure there is a coat rack or closet to easily store items of the sort and take them off of guests’ hands. This will help keep the actual gathering space clear and attractive while giving guests a guaranteed spot for their items to be stored safely. 

Make sure guest living spaces are ready. 

If you are preparing to have out of town guests staying overnight or for multiple nights, make sure they are comfortable with a space of their own to enjoy. Add fresh linens and cozy blankets to the bed or provide a comfortable inflatable mattress/pull-out couch option if you don’t have a whole room available. Stock up the room with necessities that give it an extra warm touch, such as a new candle or holiday-scented lotion. You can also create a small frame with the home’s WiFi password for easy internet access. If they haven’t stayed with you before, give them a tour of the home and make sure they know where everything is that they may need. 

Create a list of all of the tasks you need to accomplish with ample amount of time to complete them before guests arrive. Make it a pleasant holiday experience for yourself and everyone you are hosting! 

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