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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas

Posted by admin on March 11, 2022
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While most everyone wears green on March 17, there may be other ways you are hoping to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without traveling to a big parade or Irish pub. You may be concerned about your health or the health of others as we are still in a global pandemic and want to scale back your celebrations, or maybe you want some ideas that are a little more family-friendly. Here are some different ways you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year: 


Have a Green Breakfast

While it is always good to incorporate greens into your daily meals, St. Patrick’s Day is a good way to ease little ones into expanding their palette more. Make a green smoothie with spinach and fruit, blend greens such as zucchini or spinach into a pancake mix, or make a fruit salad full of green grapes and kiwi! You can even add green food coloring to water or milk for a fun addition to any meal. 


Learn Irish Dancing

Have an Irish dance party from the comfort of your own home by searching online for videos from popular groups such as Riverdance or Flogging Molly. YouTube has Irish dancing tutorials as well, so put together a performance for the family or just to get a different form of exercise for the day. 


Construct a Leprechaun Trap

For a fun craft activity that involves STEM elements, have your little one(s) create their own leprechaun trap out of craft supplies. The Best Ideas for Kids website has a list of ideas here to get you started. 


Virtually Tour Irish Landmarks

To visit Ireland without walking out of your front door, you can visit The National Museum of Ireland – Natural History and/or The National Gallery of Ireland for educational virtual tours. 


Make a Traditional Irish Dinner

Better Homes and Gardens has a multitude of Irish dish recipes here to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Getting a taste of Irish culture can really help you feel immersed in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Try one, a few, or all of these celebration ideas for a more relaxed way to celebrate without having to brave the crowds. May the luck of the Irish be with you no matter how you choose to celebrate!

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