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Starting a New Holiday Tradition

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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Holiday traditions are a favorite for many families and friends during the season. Some have had them since their earliest memories of childhood, and others may be starting new ones as adults. With the past year being one of change and sometimes loss, certain traditions may have gone away or been put on hold. Use this holiday season and future years to start afresh and create new traditions for you and those you spend these special times with. 

  • Get your crew together and bake cookies from scratch. Find an old family recipe or look one up online, gather the ingredients, and make a party out of it! You can even turn it into a low-stakes competition with the winner receiving a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or grocery store. 
  • Most movie theaters are open on Christmas day. Pack everyone up to go see a movie, whether it seems interesting or not! Just hanging out with some buttery popcorn in a cozy theater after the chaos of opening gifts will bring some relaxation and is easy to keep up with each year. 
  • Get matching pajamas to wear for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas morning. It makes for sweet photos each year and stocks up your closet with cozy loungewear! 
  • Roast marshmallows over a fire pit and tell your favorite holiday stories together. 
  • Find a volunteer opportunity that you can all participate in together. Whether it’s taking a meal to a homeless shelter, ringing the bell with a charity organization such as the Salvation Army, or other activities that help the community, you’ll have a great time doing it together and teaching little ones the true meaning of the holiday season. 
  • Create a holiday charcuterie. Have everyone bring their favorite festive snacks and display them colorfully on a large board for everyone to enjoy throughout the evening. 
  • If you don’t send holiday cards, start! Snail mail is fun to receive during the holiday season and they are treasured memories to collect year by year. 
  • Start a holiday decor collection. It can be ceramic village pieces, special ornaments, nutcrackers, or other special figurines. Make it a point to go out as a family each year and pick something new to add to the collection. 
  • Take a trip during the season to look at lights in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Blast your favorite holiday tunes in the car and listen to the “oohs” and “aahhhs” coming from the backseat with a smile. 
  • Pass down family heirlooms. If your great grandmother had a favorite plate to serve her holiday cookies, let a different family member use it each year. This is a great way to honor lost loved ones and keep their memory alive. 

Find something that the whole family can enjoy and cherish for years to come. The memories made and smiles shared are far more valuable than any gift that can be purchased! 

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