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Unique Christmas Decorations

Posted by admin on February 1, 2022
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Decorating for Christmas is a favorite holiday pastime for many. Craft stores and popular retailers are filled to the brim with decor, gift wrap supplies, gift ideas and more. However, you may want to stray away from the traditional decor pieces and have something that is more unique to your style. There’s nothing wrong with straying away from the classic red and green with shiny tinsel! Here are a few different decor ideas to incorporate with your home this holiday season: 


  • Scrap wood trees: If you have various pieces of scrap wood lying around, cut them into tree shapes for a rustic, farmhouse touch to your holiday decor. You’ll have something others can’t find in a store while simultaneously helping the environment through recycling. 
  • Drape strands of evergreen garland from your chandelier for a sophisticated, yet festive addition to any kitchen or living room. 
  • Many times, the bedroom gets ignored when it comes to decorations. Give your cozy space a holiday touch this year by adding garland around the headboard and a chunky knit blanket to help you stay in the holiday spirit 24/7. 
  • Adding fruit to decorations is an easy way to add a vintage feel and keep your home smelling fresh! Toss dried orange slices around your tree or garland and use cranberries in wreaths. 
  • Swap out the traditional snow globe for a large wine glass for a fun filler piece on the bookshelf or mantle. You can switch out the decor as much as you please- just add faux snow to the bottom and place small figurines and trees inside. 
  • Instead of a traditional wreath, craft a wreath out of jingle bells. This will bring some holiday cheer each time your door opens and there are a ton of color possibilities to use that fit your color scheme! 
  • Head to the backyard to find large leaves and pine cones, then spray them with glitter or metallic paint. These create cheap, yet beautifully classic decorations that can be swapped out each year instead of consuming storage space. 
  • Is your living room or bedroom full of poufs? Tie a ribbon around each of them for a plush “present” display that can still be used easily. 
  • Pastels are a soft way to shake up the typical color scheme. Pink gingerbread houses, blue trees, and soft yellow lights are all easy ways to use pastel shades while decorating. 


Take a look at your home and personal decor style to decide how much of a twist you’d like to put on it this holiday season. Make it your own, be creative, and let your home be the talk of the neighborhood after hosting holiday events! 

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