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Winter Hardy Plants 

Posted by admin on October 6, 2021
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Cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean a garden can’t survive. Believe it or not, there are a number of plants that can survive or even thrive in cold weather. And thankfully, the CSRA typically doesn’t get too cold, which makes it easier to maintain growth during the winter season. We are in a hardiness zone of 8 according to this USDA map. These are some of the plants that can easily survive the winter in this hardy zone: 



The coneflower may not keep its bright purple coloring during winter temperatures, but it comes back beautifully in the spring. Properly care for it in the off-season by planting it in an area that can get full sun exposure and trim dead stems when the flowers are dormant. 


Lily of the Valley 

While it appears to be delicate, the lily of the valley is actually made to withstand shade and cold weather. It is also poisonous to deer and other animals, meaning it won’t get eaten away. 

Wintergreen Boxwood

The shallow roots of wintergreen boxwood will need mulch covering for protection in the winter, but it is extremely versatile and can even be manipulated for use as a hedge. It is typically resistant to pests as well. 


Coral Bells

Coral Bells are great in shady areas, but they need well-drained soil. If you plant them in a container, be sure to move them to the ground before the first frost of the season. 



Primroses should be protected by mulch in the winter to retain moisture in their shallow roots. They are popular in fairy gardens and only need a light amount of shade to maintain their beauty. 


White Wedding Hydrangea 

These classic southern flowers bloom with sturdy, upright branches and create oversized clusters of white blooms. The are deer resistant, drought tolerant, and are easy to care for. They also dead-head to promote blooms, so pruning isn’t needed. 


Here is a comprehensive list by Southern Living with various plants that can survive in this hardiness zone. 

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