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7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Posted by admin on September 8, 2022
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7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home


Part of the struggle of living on your own is trying to make your new home stand out and have a personality. After all, it seems like such a complex task. But there are some easy ways you can bring your home’s character! 


We’ll review seven simple ways to accomplish this goal. That way, your new home can genuinely feel like your own!


Add Character to Your Home with Some Plants

Nothing says you’re a nature lover more than indoor plants! Plants create an inviting and warm environment in your home. And there’s even evidence that people are more productive and more relaxed when they’re around live plants.


Not to mention, adding indoor plants to your home provides fresh air and a natural filter of smells for your home.


Put Up Some Art

Putting up art that appeals to you brings out your home’s character. It also tells a lot about you as a person. It even brings a layer of complexity into your home that might not have been there before.


Start a Collection and Then Showcase It

Starting a collection can help you introduce people to a hobby you are incredibly passionate about. It also helps your home reflect your personality. If you’re a book reader, start a book collection. If you’re a movie buff, collect movies.


Remember, you don’t want to collect things that you know nothing about. You want to collect items that tell a story about you.


Adding Some Antiques

Antiques are a great way to decorate your home. And the best part about antiques is that they are easy to find. You can get antiques in local stores and online.


Antiques can even help you figure out the kind of style you are trying to achieve with your home.


Display Your Photos

Displaying your family photos tells people a lot about you. Put up photos of your treasured memories or that have stories behind them.


These photos keep those memories fresh in your mind. And they might strike up some interesting conversations with your guests.


Paint Your Walls or Add Some Wallpaper

Painting your walls might help you bring out the vibrancy of your home. But you don’t have to stop painting walls.


Adding patterned wallpaper can create the kind of atmosphere you’ve been trying to achieve with your home! Today’s wallpaper is fashionable and trending. You can easily show off your personality and style with a variety of choices of prints, patterns, and colors.


Wallpaper is a cost-effective way to hide surface imperfections on your walls too! And the coverings can last over 15 years. 


Reorganize Your Furniture

Sometimes, you don’t need to add anything to make your new home feel like home. Your furniture setup might be standing in the way of your home’s character. 


Play around with your furniture and see which setup clicks with you. Don’t stop until you’ve achieved the look you’re going for.


Get Rid of Clutter

Too much of a good thing (or a lot of good things) is a bad thing. Avoid overdecorating and having too much stuff in a single area. Having too much clutter can make your home feel like a mess to guests. You want to avoid clutter as much as possible.


Adding Character to Your Home Requires a Bit of Work

Adding character to your home requires a bit of effort and a small amount of money. However, once you have figured out your style, your guests are going to see all the effort and work you put into it.

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