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Benefits of Owning a Smart Doorbell 

Posted by admin on September 8, 2022
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Benefits of Owning a Smart Doorbell 

Smart doorbells have been heading into the mainstream for quite some time now. Nearly 40 percent of homeowners now have a smart doorbell installed.


Why? The answer might seem straightforward. But there’s a lot more to these modern doorbells than you think! 


This article will cover the benefits of owning a smart doorbell and how it makes your home much more secure.


Increases Security of Your Home

Most burglars do not want their faces caught on camera. They wouldn’t risk robbing a property with a smart doorbell.


And if you’re afraid burglars will dismount your smart doorbell, don’t be! Most smart doorbells are securely mounted onto its home. The only way to remove one would be with a unique tool that only you, the doorbell owner, have.


Speak to Unknown Vistors Through the Doorbell Speaker

If you see an unknown person at the front door, you usually have two options: ignore the doorbell or open the door a bit and see what they want.


With a smart doorbell, you have another option: speak to them through your phone app. The person will be able to hear you thanks to the doorbell speaker. Plus, you don’t have to be face-to-face.


Help in a Police Investigation

Video evidence makes police work a lot easier. Not only does video evidence prove that a crime happens, but it also provides footage of the criminal.


They are making it easier for the police to identify and catch criminals! When you have video footage, the chances of a crime being solved increase.


Increase Security of Your Neighborhood

We already know how a smart doorbell can help you protect your property. But having a smart doorbell also increases the security of your neighborhood.


Your device not only has an eye on the people who approach your door. It also has a view of the property that faces your home and possibly other properties in the surrounding area.


Some security providers will allow you to share your footage with neighbors. As such, you are not only protecting yourself. You’re also protecting your neighbors!


Change the Sound of Your Chime

Being stuck with the same doorbell chime can get old fast. Especially if you have a doorbell chime that you’re not fond of. With a smart doorbell, you never have to worry about a chime with an unpleasing sound.


Smart doorbells come with a variety of chimes for you to choose from. That way, you can change your doorbell’s sound whenever someone presses it.


Know Who’s Been in Your Home and Who Hasn’t Been Home

A smart doorbell lets you know who is in your home and who isn’t. It also keeps track of when each person comes and leaves your home. This feature is ideal for parents of teens!


Buyers Want Smart Home Features

More buyers are looking for homes that are up to date and have the latest technology. And because having a smart home has become such a trend, most homebuyers want to have a smart home without installing the features themselves. That’s why installing smart devices in your home might increase the value of your home in the real estate market.


If you ever sell your home, you now have one more feature over other sellers in your area.


Buying a Smart Doorbell is Worth the Investment

It’s true. The amount of benefits you get from having a smart doorbell makes it a good asset for you to have. It provides a layer of security and protection that regular doorbells can’t offer you.

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