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Best Bubble Tea Spots in the CSRA

Posted by admin on December 22, 2022
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If you’ve been keeping with modern trends, you’ve probably heard about the latest drink sweeping throughout the U.S.: boba tea (commonly called bubble tea). 


Now, shops, or bubble tea cafes, are opening up everywhere. They’ve even made their way to the Central Savannah River Area. 


We’re picking the best bubble tea spots in the area, just like the best cafes in Downtown Augusta.


Gong Cha

Located right in Evans, this location is the only place on our list devoted almost entirely to making bubble tea. This place features a massive variety that most other cafes don’t offer. Here you’ll be treated to both traditional and modern bubble tea recipes.


You can choose your ice and sugar levels, and you can grab some modern east Asian snacks with your order.


However, the best part of this place is its relaxed environment. Much like a cafe, you’re welcome to stay, chat, do some work on your laptop, read a book, or even play one of the shop’s board games with your loved ones.


Peachy Rolls

Next on our list is Peachy Rolls. Located on Washington Road, across from the 2nd & Charles bookstore, this is the place you want to go when you have a craving for bubble tea while you’re out and about.


While their selection is limited compared to Gong Cha, they still carefully craft their teas to your liking. They even have different types of toppings other than the traditional black pearls that most of us are accustomed to seeing.


Tutti Frutti

Like Peachy Rolls, this shop is also the home of bubble tea and frozen yogurt. Tutti Frutti place has a bright, family-friendly environment, perfect for socializing while enjoying your favorite drinks and frozen yogurt.


Like the last two, this shop also offers you different boba toppings. But unlike the other shops, the bubble tea selection is quite simple and limited in variety.


Lilly Coffee, Tea, & Bread 

Lilly’s is a small restaurant that serves popular bubble tea drinks, Vietnamese sandwiches, and street food. It’s a locally owned shop near Augusta University and the medical district.


It is a perfect stop after classes or to spend time downtown. As you can imagine, the selection is limited. The shop only carries the most popular fruit and milk bubble tea varieties.


However, it does compensate for this by providing east Asian street food and sandwiches. 


Keep in mind that there are also no seating areas. 


Try Bubble Tea for Yourself

No matter where you choose to get your bubble tea, it’s one thing you must try at least once. 


And if you’re a huge boba drink lover, hopefully, you can see why we found these areas to be the best in the CSRA.

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