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The Best Tennis Courts in Augusta

Posted by admin on September 8, 2022
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The Best Tennis Courts in Augusta


Tennis has been a staple in America ever since it was first brought to us in 1874. Since then, tennis has been one of the most widely played sports in the U.S. 


But if you’re in Augusta, you probably know about the best places to golf but not the best places to play tennis.


And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. We’ll cover which places are the best to play tennis.


Fleming Tennis Center

The Flemming Tennis Center is the place to go if you’re looking for the right place to play the game. Not only does the center offer lessons for adults and children, but they have a large number of courts which you and your tennis partner can enjoy.


And with the center closing at 9 PM, you have more time to play when it’s cooler in the evenings.


Newman Tennis Center

The Newman Tennis Center is perhaps the biggest tennis center in Augusta. With 18 hard courts, there is practically no wait time here!


And with the center being opened every single day of the week, you will have no difficulty improving your game. The facility offers tennis lessons to both children and adults too!


Diamond Lakes Tennis Center

Speaking of centers with multiple tennis courts, the Diamond Lakes Tennis Center holds several tennis courts which you can use. However, that’s not the only reason why the Diamond Lakes Tennis Center is a great place to play.


The best part about this center is that it is located within a larger recreational complex. That way, you can enjoy the other options to stay active and fit.


It’s the perfect place to play tennis while enjoying the health benefits.


Petersburg Racquet Club

If you’re hoping to get some lessons from highly trained individuals, the Petersburg Racquet Club has you covered. However, there is a catch.


This is a private tennis club with closed courts, meaning you will have to pay for a membership to use their facility.


However, there is some good news. Since these are closed courts, you can reserve a time when you can use a court all to yourself. That means no rushing through your matches or ending your practice abruptly.


Warren Road Community Center

If you ever need to play tennis in the late afternoon, the Warren Road Community Center has you covered! With their tennis courts open until 10 PM, you’ll be able to practice your form and technique well after sunset.


And if you need to take the kids with you, that’s not a problem. The center has a great playground! For teens, feel free to show them the basketball courts or encourage them to walk the track. They may just end up sitting on one of the many benches to enjoy the wonders of nature!


Augusta Has a Lot to Offer

People always associate Augusta with golf, but the residents know that the area has a lot more to offer. The Garden City of the South has a little bit of everything for everyone! You can take a dance class, you can go on a trail, and you take a walk by the Savannah River. It’s truly a city unlike any other.

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