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Moving Tips for the Winter

Posted by admin on January 4, 2023
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When the winter season comes, so does that cold weather. And if you brought a home and need to move soon, your moving process will look different than most people’s. 


So we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get through the winter move.


Confirm the Move Date with the Movers

The last thing you want to happen on your move-out date is your moving company thinking it was scheduled for next week or next month!


To avoid such an event, contact your movers and confirm the dates.


You also want to ensure the cost, contingencies, and time of the move-out date with them.


Have a Move-In Binder

Use a move-in binder to help you keep track of inventory and to-do lists and hold all necessary documents and information about the move. Doing so makes the move-in and move-out process much easier and more efficient.


Plus, an expense deduction may be available for particular military personnel moving. To claim the deduction, you must report all relocation expenses on I.R.S. Form 3903. So if you serve, check with your tax advisor, and keep your receipts in your move-in binder.


Declutter Before You Move

That’s right. To save a couple of bucks, you want to ensure you get rid of all the things you won’t use in your new home.


That includes any momentoes that have grown old on you, records that skip, toys your children don’t play with, books you don’t read, or decoration pieces that are old or have lost their style over the years.


Consider having a yard sale or donating gently used items to help your community.


Make Sure You Pack Ahead of Time

Pack everything you won’t use daily, a week or two ahead of time. Items to pack could include books, clothes you often use during warmer seasons, extra bedsheets, and anything else you might be able to think of.


Some people even start packing a month before move-in day. But remember, you don’t want to pack so soon that you’re pulling things in and out moving boxes. It creates many inconveniences and defeats the purpose of packing ahead.


Packing ahead of your move can reduce the stress associated with moving itself.


Ready Both Homes for Move-In and Move-Out Day

Make sure you prepare both homes for move-in and move-out day. Protect your wooden floors with plastic and cardboard. Clear the movers’ paths to every room. And make it easy for movers to park. The closer they can be to your dwelling, the quicker they can load and unload your home.


Keep Pets Clear From Movers’ Paths

Since your new home will most likely be cold since the door to the house is always open, you want to send it to an excellent, warm location.


Make sure you look up any kennels in the area you’re moving to. Temporarily place your pets there while the movers place your materials in your new house.


Make Sure all Utilities Work Ahead of Time

The last thing anyone wants to walk into is a home with no heating or lighting. As such, you want to test your new home’s electric and heating system before moving.


When you get settled, it will be an excellent time to test your smoke detectors and HVAC system. 


Be Prepared to Layer

You don’t want to be caught off guard by the winter weather. You want to ensure you’re packing gloves, extra coats, socks, and shirts to create as much warmth as you need.


However, if you’re moving to South Carolina or Georgia, you’ll appreciate the milder winters. In this case, you may only need to wear a few layers to maintain comfort.


Treat Your Movers Well

Ensure you provide your movers with hot beverages like coffee and cocoa to keep them warm against that winter weather. You can even set up a bathroom with an electric heater to give them a place to warm up. And remember to tip them as well!

Happy Moving

Hopefully, these tips will make your move more accessible and more efficient for you and your moving team. Remember to stay safe.

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