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Posted by admin on November 14, 2022
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Qualities to Look for in a Roommate

Whether you’re a first-time renter or someone already familiar with the process, considering a roommate is always challenging. It takes a lot of time and effort to choose a roommate. But it can be easier than you make it.

This article will examine what qualities you should be looking for in a roommate. So, when you pick one, you know you’ve made the right decision.


How Clean are They?

Cleanliness is an essential quality you should look for in a roommate. But everyone has their definition of tidiness.

When interviewing people, one of the first things you should ask is if they can clean up after themselves and how often they clean their living space.

Having a roommate willing to clean up after themselves will help keep your home clean and give you peace of mind.


How Agreeable are They?

You don’t want to end up with a roommate who argues a lot or makes insensitive remarks. This could create feelings of tension and hostility in your home.

And that hostility could make your rental property an emotionally unhealthy place to live.

As such, you want a roommate with an agreeable, kind personality. They don’t necessarily have to be the friendliest person you’ve ever met, but you want someone with whom you’ll get along.


How Often Will They Have Guests?

One of the things you should ask potential roommates is how often they’ll have guests over in your rental. The two of you must establish rules and guidelines considering guests and how long they can be in your home.


Can Your Potential Roommate Communicate Well?

Communication between roommates is critical. Knowing you’ll have a person you can speak to about any concerns helps you adjust to life with a roommate much quicker.

That’s why you want someone you know to be a clear communicator.


Are They Honest?

You shouldn’t consider a person you know to be dishonest. It could potentially make your rental home an unstable place to live in.

Consider people who give you straightforward answers and don’t shy away from telling you the truth.


Do They Value Space?

Most people want a roommate who understands boundaries and willingly gives them space. After all, it’s still your home.

One of the things you’ll want to ask potential candidates is if they understand your boundary needs. You should give precise details about what you expect them to do regarding space.


Can You Get Along with Your Potential Roommate?

The last thing you want is a roommate who’ll bicker with you over you not washing their dishes.

You don’t have to be best friends with your new occupant. But you don’t want someone whom you know is a fighter. Think about it.

You’ll be sharing your kitchen, dining room, and living room with this person for the foreseeable future. An argumentative person could find many ways to start an argument.

But a friendly person will bring their concerns to you healthily and respectfully. It’s why you want someone easy to get along with and respects you.


Introducing Someone Else into your Home Can Be Tricky

Introducing a new occupant into your home is pretty tough. But if you share your living space with a roommate with the qualities listed above, it might be easier for you to adjust to life with a roommate. 


Happy searching!

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