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Posted by admin on November 14, 2022
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Questions Every First-time Renter Needs to Ask

When you’re a first-time renter, asking questions during your walkthroughs seems intimidating. But keep in mind that not asking any questions could lead to more headaches.

But what are some of the questions you should be asking before signing your lease? This article will discuss which questions you should ask property managers during your walkthrough.


How Do I Pay Rent?

You want to avoid leasing without knowing how to pay your rent. So it’s the first question you should ask during your walkthrough. That way, you are not caught off guard later.


Where Will I Park My Car?

If you’re looking at rental homes in the city, you should ask this question before any other. You don’t want to figure out that your new place doesn’t have a place to park on move-in day. Instead, you want to know ahead of time if you’ll have to park in the street or a parking garage.


What Is the Move-in Cost?

Move-in costs typically include pet fees, a security deposit, and additional expenses you agreed to pay. 

These costs are generally incurred upfront or with your first month’s rent. So as a first-time renter, you should have some extra funds saved for this situation.


When is the Rent Due?

Every rental property handles rent differently. So you always want to ask this question. Knowing when to pay rent lets you avoid late fees. It also looks excellent on the renters’ history.


Will You Come into My Rental without Notice?

Even though your landlord owns the property and your property manager runs it on their behalf, you want them to come into your apartment with notice. So always be sure you ask your property manager or your landlord this essential question.


When Can I Move In?

You might be looking at rental properties in your area with a move-in date in mind. You agree to a rental, but the landlord or property manager tells you it will be ready after your move-in date. It puts you in a highly awkward situation.

That’s why you always want to ask this question. It lets you know if your moving timeline aligns with your landlord’s timeline. 

It also lets you know if this property will be ready by your deadline to move out and lets you plan your move.


What Time Do I Have to Be at the Rental on Move-in Day?

Some apartment complexes won’t let you move in after regular business hours or on weekends. But, again, the lack of flexibility could create problems for you, especially if you have a 9-to-5 job.

For rental homes, the opposite might be true. For example, your landlord might have a full-time job, so they won’t be able to let you in and sign paperwork during weekday business hours.


Always Ask Questions Specific to Your Needs

Never shy away from questions regarding your individual needs. For example, if you have a physical disability, you should ask questions regarding the rental’s accessibility. 

If you have pets, ask questions regarding which pets are allowed. Also, find out if there are breed restrictions for dogs and how much the pet fee is.

You want to ask questions about the properties you see. But, on the contrary, doing so will save you time, energy, effort, and money. 

And asking questions reduces your chances of ending up in a home you don’t like.

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