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Women’s History Month: Patti Cornette

Posted by admin on March 31, 2023
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Women’s History Month: Patti Cornette


To honor Women’s History Month, we’re focusing on a person who slipped into the real estate world years ago and hasn’t left since. Meet Patti Cornette, a real estate agent who has been with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beazley, REALTORS® for over 25 years.

A Long History in Real Estate

Patti’s first dabble into real estate came when her friend approached her and asked her if she would be willing to take a real estate course with her. At the time, she was not quite ready to get a full-time job, as she had to raise and tend to her four children. So, she thought a job as a real estate agent would be a perfect fit for her. When she passed the course and gained her license, she got her beginnings by being an agent who hosted open houses. At these open houses, she began to connect with clients.

The Figures and Teachings That Helped Her Along the Way

As her time progressed in real estate, she wanted real estate to be more than a part-time job that she did on the weekends. She wanted to make it her career. “Being a real estate agent was appealing to me. There is no ceiling. And you could make it whatever you want it to be. It could be a part-time job, something you do on the weekends, or for me, a career.”

Yet, she realized she did not know what it took to succeed as an agent. It was then that she began to seek a mentor. “When I first started, we had these caravans, and we would tour the houses our brokerages have listed. I would always pay attention to the agents who seemed to love houses, not just those who talked about price points. And I sat down next to them and learned from them.” In particular, Patti had two mentors, Loraine Banks and Gerry Bella, and one friend, Helen Ford, who influenced how she conducts her business as an agent.

The Skills She Relies On

Patti credits her ability to empathize and connect with her clients as the reason for her success. Even on her gloomiest days, Patti makes a conscious effort to smile and help her clients in the friendliest manner. “No one wants to work with a Debbie downer. Her clients have noted her relentless pursuits to get them the best deal possible. When dealing with new clients, she always goes out of her way to learn more about them. Being a woman with numerous interests, she typically finds something she has in common with many clients. “I always search for a way I can relate to my clients. Soon we are speaking the same language, and they feel comfortable around me.”

Her Interests Outside of the Real Estate World

Outside of real estate, Patti devotes the majority of her time to her seven grandchildren. She constantly has a grandchild staying at her house and occasionally takes them shopping. When she isn’t with her grandchildren, she’s spending time with her two dogs or taking a trip to her vacation home in Myrtle Beach.

Always searching for ways to support her community, she is in charge of her church’s youth choir. “I love teaching those kids. And they love me, thankfully.”

Sharing Her Wisdom

Patti advised the next generation of entrepreneurs, “Never let your business take you from what’s important to you. Family first, your career second.” Patti’s advice also extended to the inevitable success of many entrepreneurs she hopes to reach. “Never forget where you came from. Always give back to the community where you grew up in.”

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