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Chris Solorzano
Content Writer

Danny Solorzano has joined the team as the Content Creator for the marketing division in Augusta, Georgia. Hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey, Danny Solorzano is a man of Salvadoran descent who migrated down to Dalton, Georgia, when he was around eight years of age. He graduated from North Murray High School with honors in 2018 and attended college at Dalton State College so that he could stay close to home.

A writer since the age of seven, Danny Solorzano has held a passion for all things storytelling and history, which is why he graduated with a Bachelor’s in History with a minor in English. And while he considered many different areas of work, his search always led him back to writing. As such, he began writing for Marketing Choices, a marketing agency with clients all across America, and The Social Talks, an online newspaper based in India, right after he graduated from college in December 2021. However, he didn’t stop there. He continued to find more work with other companies, such as The Blue Calvary, an online news/blog site where he worked as a volunteer journalist, and The Urban Influencer, where he wrote about the newest, rising music artists in the industry. With articles now all over the internet, Danny decided to take his newfound skills and put them to use at Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Beazley Realtors.
He first started out as a part-time, remote contractor before eventually transitioning to the full-time position of Content Creator, in which he works closely with the marketing division to create the best content possible on behalf of the company.

His interests include reading fantasy, horror, and thriller books, watching comic book movies, watching Star Trek and Star Wars (yes, he loves both), listening to a lot of music (jazz, blues, reggaeton, indie), playing chess, theater acting, meditating, learning languages, working out, spending time with his fiance and his beloved dachshund, and of course, writing. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and he can even speak a little bit of French, thanks to his time in college and his communication with friends in North France. He has strong aspirations one day to publish some of his own stories and to further his education by receiving a Master’s Degree in Communications. While he might come off as reserved and a bit shy, if you get him talking about Star Wars, literature, his dog, or history, you won’t be able to keep him quiet.

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