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2020 Black Friday Prep

Posted by admin on November 16, 2020
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It’s no surprise that 2020 has been a wild and unpredictable year. Many plans have been scrapped or changed multiple times. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to plan ahead as much as possible for Black Friday shopping. This is typically America’s biggest shopping day of the year, known for its irresistible deals and knocking out Christmas lists in a single day (or weekend, thanks to cyber deals as well). Since things are still changing and nothing about this year has looked normal, follow these tips to prepare as much as you can to get all of your necessary (and some just for fun) shopping completed. 

Define the Budget

After dealing with bouts of possible unemployment, uncertain paychecks, and spending extra amounts on takeout (guilty!), sit down and get your budget in line for Black Friday shopping. Try to avoid emotional shopping on such a big day and know your limits to help prevent impulse purchases. 

Research the Ads

Get familiar with the ads for each store you plan on shopping. They typically release them online around a week in advance, so you can compare and check prices for the big items you’re looking for. 

Consider Shopping Online

Many retailers are opting to promote online-only deals in advance to ease the in-person Black Friday crowds. Big box stores such as Walmart and Target have already announced that they will be closed on Thanksgiving day, which is when Black Friday has started in recent years. Keeping this in mind, check your favorite stores for online specials throughout the month of November and avoid the lines. 

Prepare to Wait 

If you do decide to stick with in-person shopping, get ready to wait longer than usual. With social distancing protocols in place for most stores, lines will be longer and employees will be taking extra precautions to keep workstations safe which will add extra time to your shopping trip. Be patient and remember that they are doing their best to keep you safe! 

Stay Safe

Another thing to keep in mind for those who opt in to in-person shopping this year is to keep yourself safe as well as helping keep others safe. If the stores you visit require face coverings, wear them. Sanitize your hands and shopping carts and try to keep the recommended 6 foot distance from other customers. 2020 is not the year for crazed shoppers to pile on top of each other. Stay patient and wait for other customers so that everyone can safely grab what they need. 

Most importantly this year, be kind. This applies to all aspects of life! Treat retail workers with kindness and respect as they have been working overtime and have already had to deal with incredible amounts of stress this year. Keep a positive attitude when waiting in long lines and try to make the most out of your favorite shopping day.

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