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2020 Vision: Projected Design Trends

Posted by admin on October 29, 2019
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A new decade is quickly approaching, whether we are prepared for it or not. A new year always brings change and this year is no different. Design trends are coming out to get a peek into the new year in every area from fashion to makeup and everything in-between. Interior design trends are ever-changing with a few classic staples here and there. We’ve gathered a list of some of the biggest trends to expect in home design when the new decade arrives. 


Natural and Muted Materials 

Bold, funky materials in the home are out to make room for plywood, jute, terracotta and other organic options. Homeowners are longing for a cozy atmosphere in the midst of the constant hustle and hurry. Crisp, high-tech homes aren’t as desired as a warm and inviting space to relax and get away from all of the busyness. 


Classic Marble

Marble tends to stand the test of time and easily transitions into 2020. The patterns are unique and versatile when shopping for interior pieces. No matter the size or type of marble you choose, there will be a huge impact on your space and will give it a timeless feel. 



Oversized plants have slowly made their way into our hearts and homes this year and you can expect that love to grow (pun intended) in 2020. Large plants such as a fiddle leaf fig draw immense color into an otherwise bland room. Incorporating nature into your home design is sure to add to the desired relaxation of a home in 2020. 


Neon Lights

To break up the cozy atmosphere, throwing in some neon lights will do the trick. Don’t let the relaxing atmosphere fool you: 2020 is a year to be bold and to shine bright. A small sign with your favorite word or quote is the perfect touch to light up the living room during a party or neon bar lights will bring your wine night to a new level. 


Be ready for the new decade by updating your home now in the midst of the holiday season. Once the seasonal decorations come down, you’ll have a refreshed perspective on your home and will be ready to take on the new year.  

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