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Make Yourself a Home for Halloween

Posted by admin on October 12, 2020
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You read that right- not make yourself AT home, but make yourself A home. In the spirit of all things real estate and new home building, why not be a home for Halloween this year? 2020 has seen much stranger things, so have fun here. Take some inspiration from these DIY geniuses: 

This DIY Wizard of Oz house costume from Aubree Originals comes complete with a tornado for a buddy to dress up with you and complete instructions on making the entire costume yourself. 

This Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit House costume from Simplify Create Inspire that is fun for any age to make and wear on Halloween. There is a tutorial available as well to recreate the look yourself. 

Is Up one of your favorite movies? Us too. Float into a magical universe this Halloween with the famous balloon house from the movie. 

This colorful row house costume inspired by Copenhagen that the mastermind between The House that Lars Built blog created. 

The House that Lars Built also has this adorable greenhouse costume for those with a love of plants. 

If you want to think outside of the box this Halloween, get back inside the box! Find old packaging or moving boxes to get your projects started and craft away for a unique Halloween costume that is sure to strike up conversation with those around you.

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