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3 Quick and Easy DIY Energy Efficiency Projects to Try

Posted by admin on May 13, 2019
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Did you know that the average expense for home energy bills is $2,000 per year? If your home has leaky windows, old ducts, inefficient heating and cooling systems or old appliances, then that number could be even higher. To maximize your energy savings and increase efficiency throughout the home, try these three DIY projects in your free time.


Lower the temperature on your water heater.

Some manufacturers set water heaters to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but most households only need 120 degrees. Having the water heater set at 140 degrees poses a potential scalding hazard. If the water heater is set too high, you could waste up to $400 per year in demand loss (water not always being consumed at such high temperatures).

For safety, shut off the electricity to your water heater before lowering the temperature.


Use caulk to seal air leaks.

If hot air is coming into the home during warm weather seasons or drafts flow during cold weather, a quick money-saving project to do is caulk and seal cracks and large openings through windows and doors. You can find caulking materials and dispensers at your local home improvement store with an overall cost from $3-30. Ensuring that these leaks are prevented could save 10-20% on your annual energy costs.


Build a drying rack for clothes.

Though it may seem like you’re going back in time, hanging clothes to dry is a great way to save energy costs. It not only reduces costs but also reduces potential damage from shrinking or wrinkles that happen in the dryer. If there is space in your laundry room, try a DIY drying rack to lower usage of the dryer. You can even look into creating a pull-down rack that hangs flat on the wall when not in use.


These projects may seem like small steps, but keep up with your energy bills throughout the year and see the savings come to life from your work!

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