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4 Things You Can Accomplish Over Labor Day Weekend

Posted by admin on September 3, 2020
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We all thought things would be back to “normal” by now, but we are still getting used to a new (and hopefully temporary) normal with Covid-19 lingering around. With that being said, you may end up spending Labor Day at home this year as opposed to the usual “end of summer” vacation. If you’ve been putting off projects around the house, the extra day off of work may be just what you need to get them taken care of. 


Did anyone else accumulate a plethora of unnecessary items from online shopping during shelter-in-place? Same here. Why not take the extra day to pack up things you don’t need anymore? Go through every closet, bedroom, and cabinet in the home to see what is just taking up space. Set the items in designated boxes to either sell, donate or trash. If you have enough items to sell, you may even be able to arrange a yard sale for the following weekend. Facebook Marketplace is a great spot to get rid of unwanted items as well. 

Cleaning the Outside of the Home

The exterior of the house often gets overlooked due to the overwhelm of cleaning the inside alone. Utilize your extra time by giving the home a good pressure wash (or scheduling a professional to get the job done) and tidy up the landscaping. 

Update the Garden

Since fall is around the corner, it’s a good time to pull up the seasonal flowers and plants that may not survive the colder weather. Be sure to prune branches where necessary and add fresh soil where needed. 

Paint a Room or Two

If you’ve been wanting to update a few walls in the house, get it done over the long weekend.  If you start painting on Saturday, everything will be dry and ready to put back together by Monday. Then you can enjoy a refreshing new space in the midst of the craziness! 

While this is a small list of ideas for projects to take on during Labor Day weekend, you can still make room for fun as well. Take a hike around a local park or trail with family or friends and grill a great dinner in the backyard. Enjoy the break and the productivity! 

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